Introducing project "Duration" and "Time Remaining" fields in Portfolio List View

Hi all,

Today we’re rolling out two new fields for Portfolio in List view:

  • Duration which automatically calculates the duration of each project listed in the Portfolio (based on start and due date)
  • Time remaining which automatically calculates how long is left for each project listed in the Portfolio (based on today’s date and due date).

Pease note these fields will only be available in the Portfolios’ list view. You will have the option to show or hide them directly from the “Customize” menu.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see the project duration and time remaining at a glance, and we look forward to hearing your feedback! :blush:

Please note this feature is being rolled out gradually. If you don’t see it just yet, you will get access to it in the next couple of days.


Great news! Thanks :slight_smile:

Feature request! Could duration calculate to TODAY if there is no due date selected? So we can see how long a project has been active?


Exciting news. Just to clarify @Marie , would the time duration automatically calculate the time from all the due dates within the project assigned to the portfolios, or would it only take in account the due dates of the portfolio itself?


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@Marie ; are there plans to open up the Duration field to allow me to set the Duration w/o a set of Dates in the Date field? Or to have a “Duration Lock”?
It would be helpful to be able to…

  1. Set a Duration for a Project w/o knowing a Start Date
  2. Utilize the Duration when setting the Start Date to autofill the End Date (and vice versa > set End Date and have project autofill the Date range)

This is very cool! However, Asana wouldn’t need to roll these new fields out if they created a “formula” field, similar to how [Airtable allows you to create formula fields] (Formula Field Reference - Overview | Airtable Support). With a formula field, Asana users could create these types of custom fields themselves! Just a suggestion.


Not for this initial launch, but these are two great ideas, so I’ll share them with our team for future iterations.


Loving this update. So helpful in identifying the challenge areas


Great news. Will or is this feature enabled at the task level?

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Any plans for custom statuses besides the on track, off track, at risk ect?

Just noticed this today. MASSIVE improvement and really helps put things in perspective from a tracking standpoint

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I am curious if adding a portfolio to a portfolio will break these in addition to the timeline and workload views. Regardless, this is a great addition.

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Not at the moment @Jamie_Lafollette

No @Austin_Crawford, I’m afraid nested Portfolios aren’t supported at the moment :slight_smile:

Is there a way to pull a report on Duration? I know you can see it in the portfolio, but I’d like to compare across different deliverable types/custom fields.