Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business


Hi @Thomas_Rypens,

Like for all our Premium plan, you would need to move your entire Team/Organization to Business; it is not possible to upgrade only specific members of your Team.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience; rest ensured that we’re closely monitoring feedback on this thread and will take them on board for the future.


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us @Gratia_Napier; we’re already working on improving Portfolios capabilities, so hopefully custom fields will be added to the Global Overview in Google Sheets! I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have more updates on this topic!


I reached out to the support team and they explained why Dashboards was deprecated (being built on an older framework) and then just directed me to the community (here) to give feedback. They didn’t work with us on a solution for the transition.

Something feels quite out of sync here :disappointed_relieved:


Does that mean that all features currently in use and built on an older framework are doomed to be reviatalized in a new, higher priced tier?


I was linked to this article by support:


I agree with so many of the comments here, especially about TRUST which is what I think is at the heart of this issue. Asana, Inc. has always touted being a values-first company, but this feels like a profit-first move. Everyone needs to make profit, but I think there is customer consensus this wasn’t the right move.

I’m concerned there is a track record forming of fumbled or sketchy changes. Examples:

  • Give Search Reports to everyone, then make you pay for it in Premium (HOWEVER, they grandfathered in existing users. The right way!)
  • Take away ability to export organization data from Premium Customers and make you pay more for Enterprise
  • Significant price increase with no warning in 2017 (initially very painful to small businesses, but Asana listened and did a nice recovery)
  • And now, take away another core Premium feature (Dashboards) and make you pay more for the replacement—with only 60 days warning and poor communication

I feel especially bad for customers like @Kenny_Lemon who recently convinced many others in the company to switch to Asana, only to have one of their first interactions be dealing with stripped-away features.

I already went into more detail about my thoughts in another post (below), but I hope the many voices here has Asana re-thinking this and how they handle changes in the future.


I reduced my seats to the bare minimum for our team today, smartsheets and other options are being discussed for when our subscription ends next September.


It’s a bummer you’re planning to leave Asana, but I understand the frustration. At the end of the day, it’s a great product. I hope they can win you and others back.


Adding my voice of frustration to the removal of a core feature and charging double for it. I think Dashboards wasn’t used as much by my team as it they could have been, and it sounds like some of the new features will increase usefulness, which is great.

But to make the switch without warning was troubling - what else might be suddenly taken away? We’ve built our company’s processes and systems around Asana, so we want to feel confident that we’re not going to unexpectedly lose functionality or be held hostage to a higher pricing tier if we want to keep a function going (and I understand you improved Dashboards, but the general principle of Portfolios is the same).

Also concerning is the new reality that those with longstanding Premium accounts may not (or won’t) be the beneficiary of Asana’s best development efforts. At least not all of them. That will now be reserved for those who pay double what they were paying previously. Just doesn’t feel right that Asana would do that to companies who helped get them where they’re are today.

Finally, the action also feels contrary to the positive, customer-focused experience I’ve had with Asana to date. I’m disappointed to see the change, and I hope it’s not the way things are headed.


Please reread @Marie post that you replied to. A user flagged it for tone. And @Marie reversed that and made it visible again.
I think references to prejudice and group think are way off the mark.

Asana can absolutely set the rules for this community and decide to remove comments and users if they so choose. It’s their company and it’s their forum.
And yet, what Asana started as an an announcement about a new feature, resulted in a pretty negative reaction from the community, and they are letting it play out. You can take issue with their product decisions, but I don’t see how anyone can take issue with how open their community is.


Also lack of support to features and requests that are made by hundreds of users. Asana staff needs a major shake up, especially on the development team and support. You have one person active that responds with generic replies that never leads to discussions about in-depth solutions and struggles - just that our feedback will be forwarded and never to be heard from again.


Adding my voice too.

@Thomas_Rypens I completely agree. Only a couple of people in our small company would benefit from the additional features of the Business Plan. We are on a premium plan and I cannot justify paying double across the company for something only 2 people will use.

The concept of portfolios is great but the execution of its implementation is dreadful. It is disappointing to see that so many of Asana’s Premium customers have been left feeling isolated and undervalued. @Hans_Rippel I agree that if Asana was to Grandfather its existing users this may help build back the trust.

Asana, you are on to a good thing here, please don’t let greed ruin your rep. There are plenty of other great companies ready to take your place!


I totally agree. Asana is going in the wrong direction. It’s a project management tool, and it’s supposed to serve Project Managers. If new, basic, features are added as an additional price, it seems to me (already paying user) they totally misunderstood the market. There are many interesting alternatives out there, with many features than Asana (see inbox notification filter and grouping), and growing, with clear roadmaps. Time to consider a migration for my team.


I totally agree, I really like asana, but this going this way is the absolut wrong direction. The Brand is loosing a lot of reputation with this step. What other tool would you recommend?


Same here. Super agitating!


This comment I hope that they don’t make OKR a higher tier feature.

This does feel like a bait and switch, this was a super poor choice of feature to try to entice people to upgrade. Especially if the next tier is double the original price. I no longer use Evernote for this very reason. Please don’t become another company only interested in making high returns for investors and not users.


Unlike others responding in this thread, I’m not a long standing Asana user. I’m a prospective customer evaluating Asana along with others. I’m working on scaling a very small company (we are a PMO of 2) and have both very small projects and very large programs. As such, “dashboarding” (monitoring and controling) as a concept is an important tool that I’m looking for as well as other types of portfolio management functions.

In theory I don’t take exception with the concept of paying more for that functionality, but:

  1. The pricing model doesn’t make sense to me. Not everyone in our organization (or any organization, I’d imagine) manages at the portfolio or program level. Some folks are people who get work done on the project and need a subset of information to do that.

Your pricing model really should reflect both the business size (tiny, small, medium, large) and feature set based upon role (project team member, project and/or team manager, Program/Portfolio Manager, and guest (vendors, compliance auditors, etc). So really only folks who manage the portfolios and dashboards should pay for that. I’d argue for those of us who do, the value is far greater than the cost of $20/mo. For those who don’t manage the portfolios and just work on projects, the cost/benefit of that upgrade is far less.

Seems like you are trying to double the bottom line based on exploiting the needs of a few which is obviously killing the trust of your customers.

  1. The change management on this is terrible. I’d be super ticked and my confidence in you as a company would decrease dramatically if I’d spent time to get my company on board with your product at one price, spent time to setup and get my company adopted to the dashboards and then you take it away and double the price. Seems like you guys need to get out of your own way, listen to your customers and rethink how you are managing your customer experience around this. From what I can see, you are telling people that you are heeding their feedback but there’s no evidence of that. You aren’t being transparent about any resolution plans instead you are working them via the backdoor.

The good news is that you have an opportunity here to respond to the backlash and take care of your customers. There are basic case studies out there about how companies deal with customer stumbles can succeed or fail. TLdr the Tylenol/Johnson and Johnson case study? This is what turned a crisis around for Johnson and Johnson:


  • They acted quickly, with complete openness about what had happened…
  • Having acted quickly, they then sought to ensure that measures were taken which would prevent as far as possible a recurrence of the problem
  • They showed themselves to be prepared to bear the short term cost in the name of consumer safety. That more than anything else established a basis for trust with their customers"

I hope that you take all of this valuable feedback in this feed from seemingly seasoned business leaders and turn it into loyalty. For their sake and yours.

Watching closely.


Maybe we dont need that features. We was just fine on dashboards and premium plan, after that they removed feature, that was in current paying plan and moved it to higher plan. But we dont need other features.

And this making me very sad about asana. If the will not change anything they will lose lots of current clients…


@Sam_Leahey - Exceptionally well summarized point about approach and communication styles regardless of the context. How’d you get so woke? Impressed.

My middle ground adjusted for the audience and context - very, very disappointed by Asana’s move here.

Made me wonder if my feelings are not dissimilar to some who perceive a loss of privilege. Definitely feeling knocked off the pedestal. I was all in, Asana. Now feeling trumped.


@Julie_Vails_MD Haha not sure about the woke part but either way it’s basically censorship of the people’s voice under the pseudo-guide of “being nice” and “communicating as friendship” lol! There’s already enough projection of personality/ideals/morality going on in politics it would be nice to not have it trickle down to a software company too :frowning: It doesn’t matter that they “can” do it or not because it’s their company or that the other guy’s post got re-screened and re-posted by Marie, it’s the fact it was even taken down in the first place! Nothing about that guy’s original comment was objectively “bad” or “wrong” or whatever else. He’s just venting normally like any human and most people here (except me :wink: ) so “flagging and comment deletion” just comes off as unnecessary hegemonic censorship of the people which attempts to justify itself by fluffy PC terms haha. Oh well it’s the world we live in I guess :slight_smile: