Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business


Thank you, Hans, for being a voice of compassion and reason! You’ve captured how I was feeling as I read through this post and increasingly frustration and anger ridden comments. Lot’s of users have made excellent, and well spoken points. You’ve hit it spot on, yes people have a reason to be frustrated but I think there’s still time for Asana to see how their loyal users have actually been affected by these updates and rectify the situation. I hope they will. While it seems obvious in hindsight users would have reacted this way, it seems doubtful asana team would have implemented these changes, in this way, if they had anticipated this response. For now, I’ll remain hopeful asana will remedy this (these)…missteps.


This is the key point for us. In our team of almost sixty, there are only two of us who need to access our dashboard report. If we could pay for one or two Business seats, we would. Sadly, that’s not an option, and we can’t afford to double our entire team’s subscription for the sake of a feature that most of us don’t use.

I’ve got a plan to set up a ‘Progress Update’ project, with custom fields for all of the information we’re going to lose after December 1st (RAG status, progress update, project start and due dates, project owners, etc). It should work, but it’ll add an extra administrative step for everyone. I had just got all of our monthly reporting set up so it was pretty much automated - my manager loved me - and now I have to tell everyone that, as well as updating tasks within their individual development projects, they’ll also have to go to this new update project at the end of every month and manually add more information. This definitely isn’t enabling us to work together effortlessly.

I’m still a huge fan and advocate for Asana, but I’m sad to say this has taken the shine off things a little.


+5 Points to @Sam_Leahey for using the word “hegemonic” well


I am Asana premium user for several years, when the dashboard was gone and I read it will be replaced with a new feature called portfolio I was very happy it turned out to be really disappointing when I saw “upgrade” on the top right, that Asana forced me to pay double for updating the feature


I’d shared my thoughts and proposals at sister thread and it resonates with many comments shared by other forum members.

Additionally I’d contacted Asana Sales Team to understand, how they plan to work with Asana early adopters (Asana Beta Tester since 2011), and loyal Premium users unhappy about Dashboards deprecation. So far their answers are only attempting to upsell the product :frowning:

“Divide and conquer” is tactics that works in many cases, and it is probably possible to offer some custom business plan discounts for premium customers requesting it, but I’d still prefer resolution for the issue in public form by official communication with us customers on this forum.


The pricing is a bit steep. Is there anyway to trial this functionality without upgrading?


I agree with generally every comment above ^^ :frowning:
The Business upgrade ‘tour’ didn’t give me enough information for me to even understand what the upgrade really is. Perhaps would be more open to the idea if there was a clear understanding of the benefits, and use cases.


I am a business user but do not see how to add Portfolios. Is there a support desk I can contact


OKR…that’ll be an extra 10 bucks per month per user please! And if you don’t want it… we’re taking Portfolios away from Business :smile:


LOL hopefully not but I guess we’ll see!


My apologies for the disconnect, please feel free to reach back out to us following these steps so we can talk next best steps if you’re interested in trying out the new Business tier. Chat soon Sam!


Hi Jonny! To answer your question we’re currently offering free trials of the new Business tier. Feel free to reach out to us following these steps so we can help you get this setup.


This has been the first time I’ve been truly frustrated and super disappointed by Asana. This is a feature that should have been made available to Premium AND Business customers. It’s never too late for you guys to open it up to premium users. Please listen to your customers and fix this.

Huge let down :unamused:


After being extremely disgruntled over the last couple of weeks because of the dashboard depreciation and the surprise, all-new pricing tier to get it, I bit the bullet and got access to a free trial of the enterprise version.

Honestly, I can’t even wrap my head around why there would be such a major price increase for this feature. It has almost the same functionality as the Google Sheets integration with dashboards, with very few unique features. So far, the only difference is that it lives in Asana versus an external source and you can see the project start and end dates… that’s it.

It would be great to at least use this to view everything in a calendar or timeline view, or drill down to see specific tasks… Just some additional features to help manage projects and team work more effectively. It just doesn’t seem like there’s any added value to what they’re asking us to pay out to access it.

Very disappointed in Asana and frankly feeling a bit betrayed. Promising existing customers of all the great things to come and showing us their “vision”, then asking us to fork over more money for something that doesn’t improve workflow at all…


I want to echo that the roll out of this has been a poor customer experience. We don’t need it, we’d never pay for it and it’s annoying that we can’t get rid of it when that left hand sidebar is already crowded enough.


Please remove it from the sidebar for those without access. It’s a waste of prime real estate.


When is there going to be an official response from ASANA on all the complaints below? Please dont give me the generic response that has been posted a few times below already about contacting your support team.


Hi @Steve_Hawes! To learn how to create Portfolio and how to add new projects to your existing Portfolio, have a look at this handy article from our Guide.

If you’re still running into trouble, please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to help!


Can only echo the frustrations already raised here.

We are currently a premium user with 40 seats. Of those 1 person uses the Dashboard feature - Me!

The dashboard was limited but at least it provided me with an overall view of all projects.

TBH i can’t see what the portfolio or indeed the Business offers me that is of greater benefit - so I will not be recommending to my directors that we move to Business user.

The idea of playing double for ALL of the seats, when only 1 will use the function feels firstly really dishonest.

I was already getting frustrated at the lack of reporting/dashboard facilities, and I struggle to get export information in a meaning format. Dashboards where the only function that allowed me to perform that even in a small capacity.

Very disappointed with this Approach by Asana and hoping that they amend their approach.

What I’d like to see is:

  1. the ability to upgrade individual users to a more enhanced company wide view of all projects
  2. enhanced auditing/reporting/budget planning/time logging/dashboards at a company wide level.

Currently Asana is offering enough for our users to create, update and complete tasks - and thats really all they need. Many other tools offer this functionality as well as the basic project management functions.

But for my presentations at board level I’m having to resort to manual entry into spreadsheets of information held in Asana, as I can’t extract it meaningfully. Maybe I’m using it wrong - but I’ve spend a year googling user forums etc to no avail.

We’re currently looking into alternatives (suggestions welcome!!)- and whilst that’s going to be painful for us, it may be our only option if Asana continue on this path.


I for one, really love the new Portfolios feature. I love having an overview of how all my projects are going, it helps me organize it all in my mind in a way that makes sense to me.

That said, I’m a single user. The only way I could access it is on a premium business trial. I will obviously not be paying $100/month for 5 users when I only need one

I love the feature, it’s too bad I can’t just give them $10-15 per month to have it

Does anyone know of any alternatives that have similar functionality as the Portfolios feature? I love being able to see that status/completion of all projects in a category at once