Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business


Am really really wishing Asana had not pushed out the free trial of Portfolios without on-screen messaging that it was temporary. Now I have some very angry staff members that I have to deal with when they learned it’s going away.


Just wanted to add another unhappy customer voice here. Doubling my cost to have basic visibility into project status is untenable. Please make this a part of premium, or give us dashboards back.


My Asana is again covered with Upsell visuals, annoying me, and my colleagues.

Now I have no Dashboards functionality that I originally had when signing up to Asana Premium plan. Dashboards had 3 projects in free version. Now I have NOTHING in Asana Premium, while paying quite a lot.

Sad :frowning: that Asana abandons core Asana evangelists with this “Take Away and Upsell”… Life will never be the same life is changin’…



This is me, still holding out hope for a better solution to our concerns on this issue. It’s silly to feel broken hearted but I I do :broken_heart:.

All the hew and cry here could have could have easily avoided if right person at Asana assigned more value to existing customers and the internal evangelist who put their reputation on the line to introduce Asana to their colleagues and companies.


Heck I’ve even played the role of fanboi for “one and only one” task assignee.

Feel badly for the product dev team that put so much work into this needed feature only to have it panned based on its commercial implementation.
This might pinch a bit…

GBCW? Not quite yet… holding on to some hope that there will be some acknowledgment of the concerns in this thread and adjustments to the licensing/fee model before my 5 year asanaversary on June 3rd and our annual renewal on Aug 8th.

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I am really sorry to write this, but this year will be the first and, unfortunately, the last with Asana! We signed up to Premium in October, last year with the dashboard and the reporting functionality (Google Sheets). Now, we have nothing of this left. But more annoying ads to upgrade to Business! Really sad marketing :frowning:

Working with Asana is fun and effective. But I, as the teamleader of a projectmanagement team, need to have an overview of all projects. And I am not willing to double (!) the expenses for this function! I feel betrayed! I paid Premium with the Dashboard and you took it away from me. Shame on you!


So much this!


We also leaving asana. It will be painful, but we cant trust SaaS with such business concept. Good buy…


I have reviewed this thread and I don’t see any reaction from Asana moderator or even PM.
Indeed introducing a new tier for one feature which is still very light (think about just the possibility to do search on Projects instead of Tasks and save this in a report … ) , feature which has replaced a depreciated one (Dashboard which was useless at the end) for twice the price … this is insane. Ok there is a promising feature for workload management (not yet available) but it will be very light again and by the way we are already paying for something …
What’s a pity … We find currently another way by creating “admin” tasks link to a “portfolio” project providing the overview. It’s a little more work but it’s providing more flexibility (More sections/Custom Fields with notification/Reporting at the Portfolio Progress level etc). Then we will use API … Finally we will look a better alternative as the sync with G suite Calendar is not working also …


Just noticed a great new feature for “business” users only – proofing for images. You can give actionable feedback right on images and they are turned into subtasks. Cool.

Before the creation of Asana’s new business tier (which is double the cost of what most of us signed up for) this would have been a great new feature included in the cost of our subscriptions. Don’t worry though we “premium” users did still qualify for the new “strikethrough” upgrade! Huzzah!

An Asana “business” account is also now listed on the upgrade page as being “for companies that manage work happening across multiple teams.” Funny, that’s what I thought I signed up for originally. My “premium” account is only “for teams that need to create project plans with confidence.”

I wish Asana would grandfather in those companies in that jumped onboard early, evangelized their product and enabled them to grow. The new features at twice the price just feel like a slap in the face, and will each time a useful new feature is added to the new “business” plan.


Where did you see this proofing for images feature? I can’t find it on Asana’s Business features page anywhere.


The option appeared when I clicked on an attachment (image). Explained what it was then allowed me to click through to upgrade my account if I wanted to.


I see. Isn’t that nice of Asana to up-sell you in such a convenient way :wink:


Never thought I’d type this … but I’m going to start researching alternatives to Asana for my team of 200. So mad.


Wow! Found it, super nice!


The lack of Asana team response here is unbelievable. A multi-month thread of people voicing their concerns only for the team to say nothing.

A great reminder here that SaaS companies top priority are the major companies they will showcase on their landing page, not the small/medium sized businesses that supported them through rough changes and gave feedback on the path to them getting to this point.

I feel like I’m part of the anticipated churn a change like this would have haha. I’m going to take their silence as a hard NO that they dont anticipate any sort of change to the current status quo, so we will go about moving to a different platform. Best of luck to everyone re-selling the idea of project managment to their execs but telling them the price doubled or now you need to re-train everyone on a new platform!


Wow, Asana needs to reply on this asap.
Sorry, wasn’t aware that this topics was being threaded elsewhere. Contributing with my comments also :


I would not get my hopes up about that one, given that they haven’t not replied to this topic since it started in November and are now actively pushing new Business Tier-features.


Our team already moved to Asana’s competitors product, but i still subscribed to this topic just to see if there is going to be any positive movements… But for 4 months they are still ignoring all users. They already lost more then 20000$ for next year only by my calculations of leaved teams in this topic… And how many teams leaved not telling about that decision… So, best, you can do - is leave. May be massive customers lose will show them, that this politics is bad.

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With the new features, added today, only for Business tier, it’s confirmed that Asana has no willing to think about what they have done to older users.
There is at leas one third solution with a similar price than the Business tier, with tons of features more. Look for it.