Portfolios for Premium

Hello Asana CF,
I was wondering if anyone who was using premium has felt the loss of portfolios as much as I have.

I can understand the segmentation approach that Asana is requiring to build its new business package, but one of the key things I always liked about Asana was enabling users to access most features from day 1 (free is already quite complete for basic use).

For premium users would be nice to give us some options -
example 1 - Portfolios will limited usage e.g. limited portfolios of limited projects.
example 2 - upgrade only small group of user to business as not all of our Teams are ultimately going to use Portfolios

Best regards

Many other users have the same requests as yours, you can give a glance to the following post:


Love the portfolio idea but I am a 3 person bootstrap startup and the $20 per user a month is just to high.