Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business


As I wrote before I’m willing to switch to a self hosted software. Deepening OpenProject now.


Today in upgraded iOS Asana App I’d got Portfolios section, tapped it and created Portfolio. It appeared that the action activated 65-day trial of Business Plan (that I was unable to active in Asana web interface). Annoying Upgrade badge disappeared. I did not expect that Business plan trial would start without my explicit confirmation.

While UI-wise Portfolios can be considered more appealing than Dashboards, I am still missing both “last update text” and visual progress cues (graphs) that I had in Dashboards.

I am still expecting Asana to start listening to community of its early adopters, avid advocates, and trustees that communicate in this thread the need of better solution then “Take Away and Upsell (with small individual time-limited discounts)” approach. We cannot be all THAT mistaken.


I am so upset with Asana as well
To add what everyone else has added,

I had the whole Sync to Google sheets set up as part of our workflow and process and spend hours teaching and showing users to use this function now it going to all break

I guess this is all to pay back the

Asana Raises $50 Million Series E Funding to Fuel International Growth and Enterprise-Scale

You just got


Pinging to see if anyone’s received an update on this, or if the goal is still for this issue to sort of “float away”. Anything beyond a 25% discount for 1 year? Any goals from support about plans to change this going forward?


Nothing special. Got 2 month of business trial and waiting for updates from asana, looking for others tool to migrate from asana, if they wont change anything…


I feel sooo taken for a fool here. Classic bait and switch. I signed up for Asana earlier this year for my team of 6 people and pay $75 mo and then they take away Dashboards and add Portfolios for “Business” or “Premium” customers and now my bill would be $240 a month!!


Portfolios seem really great, but I don’t want to fall in love. I have to add my voice to the “there is no way I could justify 2x our price for a feature that only a handful of our 90 users will use” crowd.

Would love to see:

  • Portfolios included with all paid plans as it does make up for a product deficient of tracking multiple projects without the clunky “Reference Project workaround”
  • A “Freemium” model where all users get 3 portfolios “Upgrade to Bussiness for more”
  • Per user upgrades allowing those that need the feature to pay without paying for all users. I’d gladly pay more per month for the 10 users that would fully leverage portfolios but it does not make any biz sense to pay another $800/mo $9,600 year for the feature that 90% of our users will not have a use for.

I think the “all users are the same” is the biggest weakness in the Asana biz model that is counter to wider organization adoption as it limits the “network effects” of the tool. Many of our users just need “read and comment” access to tasks assigned to them.

At this point, I am actively restricting our user growth so we do not exceed our current 90 user spend.

Hopefully, I can continue to support Asana in our org against the drumbeat of “MS Teams” is free from our IT/IS org.


Chiming in again…because what’s more frustrating? Constantly being upsold a feature we can’t afford. And having a feature that’s not in our pay tier listed in our desktop and IOS apps as though we have access to it.

I wrote Asana support requesting removal of Portfolios from my interface and received this:

“That’s a great question though at the moment, it is not possible to remove the portfolios icon from appearing in the left sidebar & mobile app, though I can certainly understand how this could improve Asana!

To be completely honest, we don’t have any immediate changes for this planned in the near term, but I do want to note your request to make sure it gets to our Product team…”

Needless to say, the response didn’t receive a “happy face”.



Terribly disappointed and frustrated. I was a huge fan and advocate of Asana before the Portfolios rollout. Taking away Dashboards from my current plan and forcing me to upgrade to Business to get Portfolios will increase my monthly bill 3 times what is now. That’s not how you treat your existing customers.


Agree with so many of the comments. We recently bit the bullet to become a premium organization for part of our team, but are really discouraged by this additions of a “Business” level because we thought we would be getting great support, seems like instead we’re going to be forgotten until there’s a push made to sell high priced services.

I would be fine with this if there was the option of having 5-8 people on the business plan (to use portfolios, since they don’t apply to most of our entry level positions in any way), and everyone else with the opportunity to use premium.


I started a free trial of Business yesterday just because I feel lost without the Dashboard and really need to see all of my project due dates in one place. I do not like the Portfolio feature. Not one bit. It takes me three clicks to get to the same information that I used to see on the first screen. I can’t “share” my Portfolio with anyone without sending them a link. If you set up more than one Portfolio, there’s no way to check that all your projects ended up in a Portfolio and aren’t left hanging somewhere. So basically I have all of my projects in one Portfolio, which still means an extra click to get to the status screen. If the Dashboard isn’t coming back, and Portfolio is the only option, I guess it’s time to move on, yet again, to another PM solution.


Hi folks. For those of you looking for a cheaper alternative ($2.50 per month) we are working on an integration with Google Data Studio (free) to give you the ability to report off your Asana data. See below for an example of a report that we provide as part of our service. We can also create custom reports, or you can use the Google Data Studio interface to create your own.

Please message me for additional details.


Yeah I have done something similar myself, it works pretty well


And another supporter here.

I tried going through customer service to lodge a complaint, instead they sent me to a Sales rep to help me ‘transition to the upgrade’. I then asked to complain to someone else, and was told ‘there is no one to escalate it to’, now they just ignore my emails.

We’re making the leap to an alternative as soon as we can.


Reading about this poor business practice of removing a premium feature and adding that feature to a higher tier with zero communication or thought about premium users makes me glad I never upgraded from the free tier. Top that off with the useless automated responses to concerned users. Could have at least grandfathered premium users in or made a basic vs advanced version. No loyalty to consumers. Tsk, that’s never a good look for reputation.


Thank you to whoever recommended ClickUp.


Any new responses? Bumping to see if anyone has recieved more than a few months discounted for Business plans, any updates from Asana regarding upgrading 1 user rather than the whole team? I don’t recieve any answers from their team anymore, and unstickying this thread shows the plan is to ignore and move on. Really disappointing :frowning:


Just adding another voice to say it’s gouging to demand a whole company pays a 100% premium so a few people can access what is virtually an essential feature.

Don’t get me wrong - I think Portfolios are well worth the extra $10/month for the users who need them. But you have to either allow organisations to purchase the feature for just the team members who need it [best] (you could set a minimum, say 10% of the organisation size), or dramatically drop the price [not as good].

I appreciate that Business will (later) come with more features, all of which will be cool, but some of which will undoubtedly be useful to us, and others not.

The worst thing is having a company and product I really admire (i.e. Asana), try to screw us over – not saying that’s actually ‘true’, but that’s the ‘feeling’. And you can see the sense of that coming through in many of the posts above.

And finally – is it really possibly true that you’ve restricted Google Sheets exports to Business tier? We have these quite excellent saved-search-reports now, that can only be exported as CSV, even while Google Sheets is touted as a feature in the Integration list? :cry:


Ok, there is 19 days left for Business demo and we are going to be downgraded to premium plan. And there is no news about any issues complaint in current topic.

No option to upgrade only several people, no option to export data to Google Sheets and you are not going to grandfather users, that were using dashboards before.

We have not forgotten these issues. And not gonna let you behave that way. Are you really wanna lose such amount of customers?


Just discovered that we too are about to have portfolios removed, with 19 days notice. I’m sure portfolios was touted as the replacement when dashboards were removed, and now we have to pay double.