Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business

With the new features, added today, only for Business tier, it’s confirmed that Asana has no willing to think about what they have done to older users.
There is at leas one third solution with a similar price than the Business tier, with tons of features more. Look for it.

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Hi all,

I’m sorry that this thread hasn’t gotten as much attention from Asana as you’d like to see, especially on a topic that’s so important to you. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us about Asana’s Business tier and how the recent changes have impacted your workflow.

I’ve shared this thread and your feedback with our product and business teams and we’ve worked to ensure that our future roadmap includes improvements and support for all customers across our pricing tiers. Our change to adding a Business tier is one that we put a lot of thought into, but we do recognize that it won’t be the right plan for everyone. I know that when a product you use increases pricing or updates their pricing structure, as Asana has over the last 6 months, it can be frustrating, especially when your team relies on it to manage their work. We are committed to continuing to add features across our product lines, including the addition of sorting and filtering on Boards: and the launch of Milestones for Premium users: and I’m excited to share what we have in store for the rest of 2019.

Another big request we’ve heard is a pricing structure that gives access to Business features to some, but not all, of your teammates. Our goal is for Asana to be a tool that helps your entire team work together with ease. When we launched the Business tier with Portfolios, it made a lot of sense why you might want only a handful of your teammates to have access to our Business plan, but as we continue to grow our feature set, we hope you’ll see features that help everyone on your team manage their work and hit their goals, not just your management team.

I know that you may still be frustrated by the changes we’ve made and I will continue to share your feedback on this topic and others with our team.

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I wonder how many people are signing up to Business Tier.

I wonder if it would have made more commercial sense, and cost a lot less in lost goodwill, to increase the Premium Tier to $12 and include all the Business features.

Given how much people (used to?) love Asana, and an appreciation that it is/was a business “close to profitability”, that might have gone down a lot better. Perhaps it’s not too late. Perhaps Asana should survey it’s premium users to find out what impact this would have, and the tolerance for an across-the-board 20% price jump to support great new features?


I see these kind of posts over and over again. Feedback is being shared with tons of teams at Asana. Or please chat with us and see what we can do (to upsell you anyway). But nothing changes. We’re not being heard.

People are fed up with these kind of ‘strategic’ tactics. More and more options are begin shown in our Premium plan. I see Portfolios. I see Forms. I see “Add feedback”. But all those options lead to a ‘please upgrade’ page, next to the already ugly purple ‘upgrade’ button in the top right corner. Whats next? Popup the upgrade tips once in a while? Maybe make it flash?

Please stop it. Stop being so offensive to your paying customers. This is just rude.

We love Asana. We are your promoters. But you don’t listen to us. You do absolutely NOTHING with the complaints you get through this forum or facebook posts. You get good feedback in this topic. Make Business available on a per seat basis. Grandfather portfolios to older customers. Remove the annoying upgrade messages. But you keep on ignoring us.

Your premium package became your paid “freemium” package.


Our organization did sign up for the Business Tier. One of our biggest limitations with Asana was the lack of project portfolio management. Our execs needed to see top-level views of multiple projects in a “dashboard” format. Portfolios have been perfect for that, and kept us with Asana instead of migrating to an alternate product. For us the additional cost of the Business Tier were far less than the transition costs of migrating thousands of tasks and hundreds of projects to a new platform and then training our users in that new platform.

I initially had the same reaction as many to the removal of Dashboards – a useful feature was being removed and the option was to pay money to upgrade, or lose the feature entirely. @Marie – I think this was the crucial customer service mistake. Had Asana simply offered Portfolios as a paid upgrade and not taken away Dashboards, most of this conversation wouldn’t be happening. It’s not a good idea to take features away from a paid product and not replace it with something equivalent.


David you nailed it with this comment. I would love to hear Asana’s perspective on this @Marie.

Obviously, it was a mistake. Well, from our point of view.

As I stated before, I strongly believe that on the Premium tier they should have replaced Dashboards with ONE Portfolio. It let’s you keep the features of Dashboards, makes you taste Portfolios and helps promoting the upgrade to the business tier to get full access to Portfolios.

For us all of this happened at the right time. We thought about going all in with Asana (before only our Operations team used Asana). Now, we went with a different product. Our Operations team also has completely migrated away from Asana. I have supported this migration though having been one of the most avid Asana supporters.

One of the reasons to migrate away was the lack of trust. We do not know how Asana will treat any upcoming changes. It is not a reliable service. It has become extremely obvious that they do not care about their customer base. Or at least not about the customers being active in this forum. Maybe they just shifted their focus - completely away from SMBs. Who knows, since there is no open communication to very valid concerns in this forum. I am quite sorry to come to this conclusion.


Hey Hendrik,

sad to hear. To which tool did you switch, if I may ask?

@Marie I’m not sure about you, but if it was my business and many of my core customers and advocates were switching to alternatives, I don’t think I’d be referring to it as frustration… It’s gone past that!


I think that you’re misinterpreting this request. This request has nothing to do with management, but rather use case and the regular day-to-day workload per team.

Our company has Customer Service, Warehouse, Marketing, Purchasing, Sales, and Accounting teams in Asana… basically everyone (which I initiated and for which I was the promoter). We have done this for multiple reasons, but the basis of which is to provide transparency and ease of communication across departments. That said, our Marketing and Purchasing teams have FAR more applicable uses for the Business features than our Warehouse does. There’s absolutely no way under the sun that our Warehouse team needs or will ever need functionality worth twice the license fee of Premium (truly, they should probably just be free because their use case is so light!). They simply need to receive assignments and complete them. It would be frivolous of us to upgrade our entire company licensing to Business when a fraction of the team has the need. We need license types per user or per team that will allow people to use features applicable to their duties… especially since emails with our domain name are forced to be fully licensed users. We do not provide light users with the moon and stars that they’ll never use or need to use. That’s simply wasteful. Small businesses like ours do not have that kind of money to throw away on a recurring basis.

Hoping that customers will “see features that help everyone” is just a nice way to say “pay up” while alienating the customer base that has loved and needed your tools from the beginning.

As an aside, if you’ve heard this complaint from multiple uses (and ones that have previously been your advocates) perhaps you should be listening.


A pricing model that allowed for a Free “Lite” user would go a long way in addressing the concerns share here. We have a similar company to yours where many of our users are on the phone, pick, pack, ship, or making lunch for customers.

If this lite user could:

  • Read/Comment/Complete Tasks
  • Create Personal Tasks
  • Own 1-3 projects (to allow things like Goals, 1:1 project with supervisor etc.

I’d be much more inclined to make pay the full fee to the users that need to fully monty of features.


Portfolios would only be interesting for 1 user within my company: the project manager. Can I have portfolios for 1 user instead of all users within my Asana account?

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I’ll add to the dissenting voices in this thread and share that our team is searching for alternative tools that allow us to track projects from a higher level. Portfolios is exactly what our team needs but we do not have the budget to shell out DOUBLE what we’re currently paying, which is a lot. Removing the dashboard functionality eliminated our high-level view of projects altogether, leaving me, a team leader, not knowing where my teams’ projects stand. Between this, a lack of project organization, and not being able to create teams because of our email domain, Asana no longer meets our needs. Community managers should start looking at what customers are saying. Every time I search for (missing) functionality, I find numerous threads with complicated work-arounds (e.g. dummy projects to create project organization). These are basic features and need to be included, even in the lower-tier plans.


Hi there,

Just wondering if and when the premium users will get some sort of dashboard for overall project status. It should be a feature on all subscriptions, but with limitations. For instance, 1 dashboard on free account, 5 dashboards on premium and unlimited on business.

Alternatives like Everhour or Clickup are creeping up your turves with a lot more project-, task- and timemanagement features for only $6 or $7 per user (instead of $25-$30!!!).

We are with only 6 in our team and without a descent dashboard Asana is becoming useless for us, even at $7 per seat (but need to pay for 10 seats by the way).

I’m really wondering why you choose to go down this path with your company and what makes you justify this kind of actions and pricing without actually giving customers the basic features for projectmanagement.


@Dennis_Sievers, I can’t speak to your questions about Asana’s choices, but I can offer you two different alternative solutions to Portfolios if you’re sticking with Asana. The second one is free, and the first one is a small, one-time consulting fee. (Both require Asana Premium; neither requires Business tier.)

First alternative:

Second alternative:


Hope one of those might help you,


Hi @lpb - Larry,

Thanks for responding. Actually I’m thinking about switching tools, since Asana is kind of useless without a descent overview of projects and projectstatus (without having to open all projects and view their progress report). We would need to upgrade (again) and get a hole bunch of functionalities we don’t need (forms, proofing, et cetera) for double the price. Those are very branche specific features that don’t add any value if you don’t have to design or proof anything. So you get to pay for stuff that’s not relevant.

I really don’t get why Asana would remove such an essential feature for project management. Even the free version should have some sort of overview / dashboard, let alone the paid versions. Just add the portfolio-feature to the premium subscription, and keep workload and all the other extra features in the business edition.

I’ve tried Asana2Go a while ago. We have a lot of different teams and projects and I felt it did not really meet my expectations. But I’ll have a look at it again.


@Dennis_Sievers, I recall that Asana removed Dashboards from Premium because it was coded using an older codebase which was being deprecated. Not disagreeing with you, just pointing out that Asana had motivations in addition to the obvious ones.

I’ve private-messaged you about alternative solutions based on the other thread, in case you are still considering Asana.

As far as Asana2Go, Let me know if something’s unclear, and also check out this which I just announced a few hours ago:


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Hello how can I gain access to that data conection? thanks! the report looks great