🥅 Introducing OKR goal types and org-wide goal templates

Hi, Asana Community!

Zaraida Diaz here from Asana’s Product Marketing team :wave:t3:

I’m excited to share new updates to Goals to help you standardize and scale the goal management process across your organization.

Goals Types

With goal types, you can now categorize a goal as an objective, key result, or individual goal based on your goal’s purpose and scope. You can identify, navigate, and filter goals by their type making it easy to manage OKRs in Asana.

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Goal Templates

Enterprise admins can now create customized goal templates for their organization with default attributes like:

  • Goal type (e.g., objective, key result, individual goal)
  • Goal title
  • Description
  • Privacy/default viewer role
  • Accountable team
  • Default status update cadence

Templatizing goals helps you standardize the goal management process for your organization and establish scalable goal-setting best practices. For example, you can create goal templates for strategic initiatives, and specific key results like a Marketing KR or Revenue KR to help your teams seamlessly set goals that adhere to your organization’s guidelines.

Goal templates can be set for your entire organization, and soon we’ll be rolling out the ability to also create team-wide templates.


Goals types and templates are now available to Enterprise customers. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.



Will this be rolled out to users not on an Enterprise plan?

@Mike_Buontempo in most cases a feature is rolled out to its final and target plan. We have very few examples of features made available to plans below. Forms was an example, that’s the only one coming to mind… (I don’t work for Asana)

Love seeing the additional investment in goal/OKR planning using Asana! Is there now a print and/or export feature to easily view all goals and sub-goals in their entirety and to report out to stakeholders who do not have Asana access? I still don’t see it in the goals section, but I may be missing it.

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Still waiting for ability make as a goal “Milestone” or standalone task :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for sharing your feedback!

@Erica_Moore1 we are launching the ability to export goals to CSV soon. I’ll let you know once we launch it!

@Jan_Rajdl we are not planning to launch this option soon but do you mind creating a thread in the Product Feedback category so other users can upvote? Thanks!

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I think that’s already here: Adding tasks and sections to Goals


I respectfully request that you clarify up front to whom the update applies. I would prefer not to spend time reading in detail about Enterprise-only features when Asana is not making the feature available to other plan types. Thanks for considering.


I’m a huge fan of Asana, but I have to say I am becoming increasingly disappointed with Asana’s pricing and upsell strategy. More and more often, relevant updates are only made available to Enterprise customers, like this update. We chose Asana 2 years ago primarily because of the OKR management capabilities that were advertised to us at the time. Now we’ve been waiting ever since for the then presented features to finally be implemented (and thus make goals usable for OKRs), only to now realize that we have the wrong plan for it. I can accept if Goal Templates are only available to enterprise customers. But I would strongly suggest that at least the availability of Goal Types for business users is reconsidered. This is definitely not an enterprise feature.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Alexander_Sonner! I understand you wished to see Goal Types included in our Business plan, and while this is not something we’re considering right now, we plan to continue adding value to Goals in the Business plan. We will soon launch the ability to export goals to CSV, so you can easily present Asana goals to any audience. We hope to continue launching more updates, stay tuned for updates in our News category!

@Michele_King thanks for the note! We will make sure to add the plan the update is available to at the start of the announcements :slight_smile:

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Hi @Zaraida_Diaz

I would wanted to know when we can expect the .MSI package to device via MS Intune on Windows devices. MS Intune is software distribution solution from Microsoft and its very hard for us to deploy the Asana desktop app as its not available as of now to deploy via this tool.

I’ve been hoping to get more utility out of the goals feature. It never felt baked out enough and I began looking for separate ‘goal focused’ platforms. It’d be lovely to get more utility out of goals. I see that being a terrific feature once fleshed out <3

I second Alexander Sonner’s comment above and have a similar business case and perspective. Please reconsider implementing the Goal Types for business plan users.


Are you able to post that feedback on the official announcement instead of creating a new thread? (or maybe you don’t have access to the announcement)

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Hi everyone!

Following our recent introduction of org-wide goal templates, we’re excited to announce Team admins can now define goal templates that will be available to their specific team. Learn more about how to gain access to this functionality here.

Upcoming event :mega:

Leading the goals process for your team or organization? Join us for a two-part live training to kick off your annual goal planning process. Sign up today!


Hi community!

More great news coming for Goals :tada:

Today, I’m excited to announce we are launching the ability to add Tasks as a source of goals progress and as “related work”. When you choose Tasks as your progress source, your progress will be calculated based on the completion of the connected tasks. You can connect up to 100 tasks.

Learn more about this update and how to connect work to Goals in this article:


Awesome, is this released to everybody yet?

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, yes, this is currently available to all Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise+ customers as well as Business and legacy Enterprise :slight_smile:

Hi @Emily_Roman , the article in the guide that you referred to contains the below information which I believe is incorrect and should be amended.

The limit is 100 tasks or 100 goals/subgoals. But the limit for connected projects is 10, as I’ve just tested.