🥅 Introducing OKR goal types and org-wide goal templates

Thanks @Richard_Sather, I’ll go ahead an report it to our team :slight_smile:

Speaking of OKRs, we’re organising an exclusive webinar we’ll cover Asana best practices for your coming year with OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) and Goals in Asana. This webinar is ideal team leaders, team managers or IT and change professionals implementing Asana for teams. Learn more and sign up here → Webinar alert 📢 Planning for Success with OKRs and Goals on Wednesday 24 January at 9:30am New Delhi | 11:00am Jakarta | 12:00 noon Singapore, Manila and Perth | 3:00pm Sydney | 5:00pm Auckland

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Hi @Richard_Sather, I just learnt that we plan to expand these limits this week :slight_smile:

  • The maximum number of projects that can be connected to Automatic Progress Rollups will increase from 10 to 100

  • The number of total items connected to goals (both APR and related work section) from 100 to 120

@ShunS will share more soon in the Ambassador Forum :slight_smile: