Interacting with support directly in users Asana instances

I paid a couple hundred bucks for an ASANA MASTERY course (believe it or not - absolutely worth it) - and it made me fond of ASANA.

However - there’s a huge missed opportunity.

Every user should have a PROJECT FEEDBACK project, in which I can create a task and tag it with support or #PRODUCTFEEDBACK.

It seems counter intuitive to not intertwine that within the app itself.

Anyone else agree? Or is everyone content with Asana’s customer service setup? And tehir product feedback forum?

I’d much rather engage with all of you within my asana desktop app - and not on their forum website. :cowboy_hat_face: :orange_heart:

I meant to say " Every user should have a PRODUCT FEEDBACK project and CUSTOMER SUPPORT project within their personal asana account, in which a user can create a task and tag it with support or #PRODUCTFEEDBACK.

I would guess this would generate concern for some users/orgs thinking that their projects are more public than they expected.

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Are you saying Asana should allow users to create a project and tag Asana support on tickets? :thinking:

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Adam_Wright4! We don’t have immediate plans to implement an option on each customer’s Asana instance where our support team can be @ mentioned. However, you can quickly get support via the “Help” option in the sidebar:

You can also find all support options in one place at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana. There you can choose from academy courses, community and to 1:1 support with our support team, all depending on your needs!

If we plan to launch something similar in the future, we will let you know!