Integromat integration with Asana?



I recently came across a Zapier clone called Integromat. Their website says they support Asana, so I’m curious if anyone has any experience with them?


Hi @Todd_Cavanaugh ! I haven’t used it myself but, as you mention, it offers something competitive with IFTT/ You can check out all the connectors they have for Asana here:


I’m trying to use integromat to get a list of tasks with a specific tag. Do I understand correctly that this is currently not supported?

BTW: who is maintaining the integromat integration? The Asana people or the people over at integromat?


@Christoph Pretty sure Asana is not affiliated in any way, so it’s the people at Integromat maintaining it.

And yes, you can’t get a list of tasks with a specific tag. BUT you could add tasks to a spreadsheet or something whenever a tag is applied.