Acuity Scheduling and Asana

Our tutoring center uses Asana to streamline our client processes. We do our scheduling through Acuity. I find the Zapier integration to be more complex and was wondering if anyone has effectively integrated Asana and Acuity. I’d love to see how you use it and the benefits. Scheduling is our worst nightmare, currently!

Are there plans to integrate Acuity Scheduling with Asana directly?

Hi @Katie_Cyphers – I cannot help with your question but maybe I can help with the automation. What is the main issue?
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Hi @Katie_Cyphers

Yep I have acuity bookings going directly into Asana.

I am using Integromat which I find easier to build out than Zapier… @Michaela_S who is a member of this community can offer some advise re the integration.




Hi guys, hope everyone’s having a splendid day!

@Jason_Woods thanks a bunch for tagging me! I’ll be happy to share some info, that’s for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to give you a bit of context:
Integromat is a no-code automation platform that lets you connect to almost any online service. It has a pretty flexible character which means that you can create automations that cater to your specific needs.

To see what the options are when it comes to integrating these two services on Integromat, you can check out the integration pages of both Asana and Acuity Scheduling. On the pages, you can find the currently available triggers, actions and pre-made templates for the apps.

Side note: If, by any chance, the integrations lack a pre-made operation you are looking to perform, there is always the universal ‘Make an API call’ option which lets you work with anything that is included in Asana’s/Acuity’s API :slightly_smiling_face:

Everything, of course, depends on what exactly you are looking to achieve. You could, for instance:

  1. watch for new appointments
  2. create/delete/update a project/task/subtask/comment

Feel free to share more details of your use case so that we can brainstorm here a bit.

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to provide as many answers as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anytime @Michaela_S.

@Katie_Cyphers Here is how I currently use it Acuity, Integromat and Asana together.

  • I have 3 Watching Scenario that watch Acuity for Scheduled, Rescheduled and Cancelled Appointment. When one occurs it then activates via a Webhook Scenario Asana.
  • For New Appointments it create a Task assigned to a specific Booking Calendar Project and then using the values in the Acuity Booking updates certain values to Custom Fields.
  • It also search Asana for a Project Associated to the specific Client that has booked in and adds that same Task to there project as well.
  • If it doesn’t find a Client Project it notifies an administrator to review the booking to confirm the correct client details are established.
  • For Existing bookings that are either rescheduled or cancelled it uses the the unique booking id that is added to a custom field when a new booking is made to find that booking and update the time or cancel the booking as needed.

It took a little bit to get this working but had great assistance from Integromat to make this work.

I hope this helps you with your use case.



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Wow, @Jason_Woods what an interesting use case you have going on over here! A very cool setup, great job on this!

Also, thanks for the shout-out to our support team. They are real automation ninjas, each and every one of them :grin:

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