Integration with flow-e. It converts emails into a kan ban card

… and then it seems obvious that some of these should then be converted into Asana tasks.

Hi Neil,

Is this a new integration tool? I’m sure the Community would be interested in learning more.


Hi - at this stage this is not integrated into Asana but seems a natural next step. Currently it presents your email as a stack of cards on the left and you process them across to the right, adding labels, dates, grouping etc as you go.

@Neil - sounds cool! Well, if you’re a developer yourself you can definitely experiment with creating something using the Asana API. Otherwise, I’m happy to turn this thread into a #productfeedback post so our product team is aware. Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in!

I am not a developer. I think it has potential to be the new way to handle email and would be good if Asana was at the forefront :slight_smile:

Gotchya. @Neil, since you’re suggesting something new I’m going to move this into our #productfeedback category.