Integration interaction with API timing out



We currently use for our issue logging, which itself uses a web hook so that we can link our rollbar issues to asana projects for issue tracking / progress / deadlines / general management.

A few weeks ago, this integration stopped working because the Asana API is taking too long to resolve reliably.

Is there something being done to improve the response speeds of the asana API?


Hmm, this one is tricky because it looks to me like rollbar is having each person create an asana personal access token to access our API - that means that each person effectively has a “different” Rollbar app and it’s hard to track down any one particular timeout. At least that’s what it looks like from our side :slight_smile: and I can’t seem to find this particular app in your domain (only “Zapier” and “Importing Jira Tasks”) so I’m kinda at a dead end in sorting this out :thinking:

the Asana API is taking too long to resolve reliably

Do you mean our API’s call back out to rollbar is taking too long to resolve or that subsequent requests from rollbar to our API are timing out?

I know that about the time you asked this we were having some really delayed background jobs, which our webhooks depend on. That should have been resolved fairly quickly, and it looks to me like we should be in a good state now. If we get into a tricky spot our stability team might pause background jobs (including webhooks) in order to keep the Asana web app stable; this would mean that webhooks will be held back until after our jobs ramp back up. This should definitely not be broken for weeks, more on the order of minutes.

In the extreme, could you try re-setting up the integration with Rollbar?


OK, we found the source of the trouble :slight_smile:

From 6PM PST the 26th of March to 7AM PST on the 27th our API was sad because it appears that a user was doing something unusual with our API that slowed down a fraction of our database servers. This caused the latency for some requests to jump from a 99th percentile of 3 seconds to almost 20 seconds. This should have triggered an alarm for our on-call team, but it didn’t (this has been fixed) so they only noticed it when looking at our metrics the next morning.

This should be fixed by now (it should have been fixed since after that morning), so if it’s still not working I think that the best way forward is still to try to re-configure the integration (I’m not sure if rollbar may have done something to disable all existing connections to Asana and this would hopefully fix that.) Cheers!


This appears still broken. We use our own linking between Asana and Rollbar now since this has been broken for month and we rely on it for our workflow.

We use TamperMonkey and the script here:

Not sure if this is a problem with Rollbar or Asana or both, but we are a bit tired of running between supports and getting nowhere.