Flowsana : integration / connection issues

Just signed up for Flowsana trail and try out the work back / duration based schedule capability that Flowsana offers. However, there is a API integration issues between Asana and Flowsana. Depite of multiple attempt of connecting asana with Flowsana , when you try to connect to Assana from Flowsana page, the spinning wheel spins forever and never actually connect asana to Flowsana.

does anyone have same issues??

Hi @Nao_Tsunoda, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Tagging @Phil_Seeman, Flowsana’s creator, to see if he can help out.

Hi @Nao_Tsunoda,

Are you doing this using Safari on a Mac? We’ve had a few reports of connection issues in that environment. Can you try using Chrome (or another alternate browser)? If you still have issues in another browser, please send an email to support at flowsana dot net for some further help - thanks!