What is this "Flowsana" App thing, and these "Flowsana" rule actions?

You may have seen this in your Asana recently:


or this in your Asana rule builder:

Wondering what those are all about? See here for the answer:


I’m so glad about this!
What are the limitations? like does Variable Substitution still work?

You bet!

There are no limitations I can think of - just think of it as another interface for creating the rule action. After that, Asana is passing everything through to Flowsana so it works the same as if you created that action via the Flowsana portal.


Thats fantastic news!

It always amazes me when Asana puts their efforts and their developers’ time into adding another paid automation application instead of actually developing those basic rules in Asana.

Have nothing against Flowsana - seems like you have decent automation

Is there a way to disconnect from Flowsana once connected? Thanks.

Hi @Jessica_Shute,

Go to your My Profile page in Asana, then to the Apps tab. You should see Flowsana listed; click “Deauthorize”.

Just to be clear, Flowsana is developed by me completely independently of Asana; no Asana developer time goes into Flowsana at all.