An update on our webhooks

Hello developers, we have an update on our webhooks.

It’s come to our attention that recent performance issues with our webhooks have been affecting your apps. Transparency with our developer community is important to us, so we want to give you some more information about where we’re going with them.

Our webhooks were originally designed as an alternative to checking for updates by polling for data and looking for differences from an earlier point in time. It’s more convenient to be notified when things happen in Asana than to have to fetch a lot of information to find what’s different, especially because most data in Asana will be unchanged between frequent scans.

The webhooks design focused on this performance enhancement but didn’t incorporate the goal of supporting apps which need to know about each change immediately or to rely on webhooks as the only way to get this information. We’ve heard your feedback for use cases to use webhooks more deeply than we originally scoped, and because of this feedback we are rebuilding our webhooks infrastructure to provide more durability and scalability. We have prioritized additional resources for this effort, and as we hit major milestones, will communicate them with you.

The first stages of this work will roll out in the coming months. Most of the changes will be under the hood and not be visible in our webhooks interface. Each stage we roll out should increase the reliability of our webhooks. We’ll keep you updated in the forum as we release improvements.

In the meantime, our recommended fallback action is to return to polling the resources of interest when you suspect that webhooks aren’t supplying the information you need fast enough. The current performance issues should be temporary, but this technique both provides a fallback when issues arise and can also be useful for other types of getting in sync, such as an initial scan of new resources to get their data.

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments in our Forum. Thanks for being a part of our developer community and thanks for collaborating with us!


Thanks for the transparency. ping @Phil_Seeman

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Thank you @Matt_Bramlage for the update. It is the awesome news and we are fully supporting your initiatives. Please keep us posted with the progress.