Install problem: Organizations, Gmail, and Google


I downloaded and installed Asana using my Gmail account. Surprisingly, I found on Asana that I was a member of an organization I’lll call ORG and that several tasks from 2015 that were created by another ORG member were listed. Years ago, I was a member of ORG and we used Gmail; we might have had a Group or something else- I don’t remember.

I deleted the tasks on Asana, but couldn’t delete the Organization. I went online and found that I need to leave ORG on Gmail/Google. I got a list of Groups and much to my surprise, found a couple of email lists there. I deleted those, but did not find ORG anywhere.

I found instructions on how to leave groups but it’s not showing me as being a member of any group.

I did not install Asana for G suite. I checked for a domain just in case, but nothing is there.

I’m not a member of ORG any longer and don’t want to get their tasks (and I’m sure they don’t want me to delete them).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I made some progress. I found, on the web version of Asana and the mobile version, the ORG group and left it. I had to leave it multiple times since it kept adding me back in, but I’m finally out!

Now I can start playing with Asana!

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Well played @savagebetha :clap::clap::clap: and welcome to the Forum!

Have a great week! :slight_smile: