Inquiries about calendars

Only one person appears in the calendar.
I hope that the person who works with me will be registered in the calendar as well, too.

  1. Designate several persons in charge (only one person is currently available)
  2. Update to calendar when collaboration participants are added

Hello @κΉ€μ˜ν˜„ welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

In the project in which you are checking calendar view you have tasks assigned to various team members? Because if you need one calendar to show tasks from various projects then you would have to multihome the tasks to show.

More info about calendars: Asana calendar view options | Product guide β€’ Asana

Currently having multiple assignees per task is not possible yet, however here is an existing feedback request thread for you to leave your vote :slight_smile: Assign multiple assignees on one task

Can you please clarify exactly what you mean? Whenever a new task is added to a project and assigned this will show in the Asana calendar view as well. More info about the various views Overview of Asana views options | Product guides β€’ Asana

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