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I’m new to Asana and I’m having troubles with tasks and calendar.

If i go to my tasks - calendar, I only see the tasks I created but not the task assigned to me. Is there a way to add them on the calendar view?

Welcome, @elisa_colturi,

Your My Tasks Calendar will show all tasks that are both 1) assigned to you, and 2) have a Due date. Are you sure those tasks assigned to you also have due dates?

Also, there’s an option in the top right to show only Incomplete tasks; any chance that’s set and those are completed tasks?

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Hi Larry
thank you very much for your help!

My question is: if a task is assigned to 2 people (which is not possible on asana premium, because you can only assign it to 1 person), how can the 2 people involved in the task see the task in my task → calendar ?


The title and your initial description are quite different from this latest question so I’m going to leave the solution as it was which does address the initial request.

For your latest question, please see the workarounds in F1 at 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds and other threads in the Forum.