Indicator for Sub-Tasks

Would like a way to quickly tell if a task contains subtasks from the top-level project view.

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In the Board style projects to be able to freeze different cards. Kind of like being able to freeze the top row in Excel. I use e-mail rules for orders that are sent the same every time to create tasks in a kan ban type project. Since the project defaults to automatically creating the tasks in the first column, it would be nice if I could keep certain cards at the top.

This also helps changing the column the task is in, within the task drop down list. When you drag and drop, you have full control where it goes. When you choose to move it from the drop down list in the task, it could land anywhere in the column, thus causing other tasks to move from their order.

Also I think its really pertinent to be able to choose a setting that when something gets moved that way that it just go to the bottom of the list of that column, not just anywhere in it. When you have hundreds of tasks in one column and you just moved one into it, and then need to move it again. I know you can search it, but then you are just doing the same thing again by moving it from the drop down. I would have to physically find it to move it where I want.

My work around for this was creating a blank column (which I call QUICK BOUNCE) and whenever I need to physically move something quick with precision instead of randomness, I move it there and it will be the only one in that column. Its made for one at at time.

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Sorry this is my first time logging on here, I thought I was posting a new feature request, not commenting on one.

Nice suggestion Nikolas.

AND - adding ANYTHING - an icon that says that a subtask has comments - that would be VERY helpful.

Matt F. Thank you for exposing the CSS class.

Note: 21080930 a number appears next to the comment icon to indicate “there exists comments.”

We need an indicator that tells us that “there exists subtasks” (to this task or sub task).
slightly coloring the row light gray would be great. And, the more tasks, the darker the gray (3 levels of gray?).

Can you guys please stop changing things in Asana every now and then? We are okay with the old Asana. Every change make it harder to work on Asana. If you have to change things please do them all at once. Changing habits are not easy for Humans.

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Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this but I hope you consider this (probably easy and extremely powerful) feature request:

In any project, please save the filter settings so that project opens up with them applied again. When I want to only see incomplete tasks, I need this view to remain applied to the project even when I navigate away from it.

This is MASSIVELY important, because I rarely want to see completed tasks in a project. Right now I have to make my own column for them “Done”. I still have to seem them, but this at least makes them out of the way. The filtering is pointless for me bc of how temporary it is applied.


If I understand correctly, what you’re asking for is possible; you just need to ask for it one time only (for each different project):

EccoPro had this type of task/sub-task/sub-sub task tree structure up to 9 levels or so and it was very useful. The inability to see all sub-sub tasks on the main screen is, to me, the biggest shortcoming of Asana

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ASANA when will you fix this issue!?

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I wholeheartedly agree. This should be a basic feature.

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Right now on my board view, a task without subtasks and a task with look exactly the same. This feels wrong.

It seems like there is another nearly identical thread titled “subtask status/indicators in boards” Subtask status/indicators in boards - #33 by Marie

It also seems like this has been a popularly requested feature for over two years. Are there any plans to add this feature in the next 3 months? And if not, how come? Design choice? Not enough developer bandwidth? Not high priority?

Hi folks. For anyone looking for a third party solution for this issue, please message me. We are currently looking for some beta testers. See below for a screenshot of what the board could look like. The list will also include a similar indicator. This is indicating that the task has sub tasks under it. It’s fully automated so as you add / remove sub tasks, the icon will appear / disappear.


I don’t want to have to click on a task to check if I have a subtask pending - i’d like to know on a macrolevel if there are subtasks within tasks.

There have been previous threads asking for better visibility of the existence of subtasks; you may want to add your comment and your vote there.

a link to that thread might be super helpful…as we don’t know what to search for to find the exact thread you speak of.

Found it: Indicator for Sub-Tasks

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Thank you!

Hi folks,

Thank you so much for your patience and advocacy. I’m delighted to announce that we’ve implemented this feature as part of Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View! - #35 by Chris_B.

Note the indicator for subtasks is available both in List and Board View :slight_smile:

Have all a great weekend!

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