Independent custom fields for task and subtask

New user evaluating Asana for fit for purpose. We are trying to figure how to independently status a task from multiple sub tasks. Application is for Construction / Manufacturing and want to be able to use drop down custom fields to status parent child relationship. Would have thought this to be a basic functionality. Otherwise we are quite impressed but we need to concisely track thousands of sub items as well as the item, together and uniquely. Each time we have tested it either assume the status of the parent or end up at the top of the list which is unworkable for us as we would end up with thousands of items floating about at the top of the project.

Thoughts / sensible work rounds and or date for bug fix would be great.

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Subtasks are hard to work with in volume because they do not inherit their parent task, so they don’t inherit the custom fields.

Do you have an actual example?

Hi Bastien


we are trying to track progress of a level of a building being manufactured, within that level we have multiple elements which are in turn made up of up to 6 items. True project management.
We are therefore planning to go three levels deep. Each item needs to be part of the parent but its individual status reported uniquely.


Project ABC

Section Manufacturing

Task Level 25 Custom field 1 “Glazing”
Sub task Window 16 Custom field 2 “Glazing” independent status
Sub task Panel A Custom field 3 "Glazing independent status
Sub task Panel B Custom field 3 “Fabrication” independent status

The above shows 2 panels that make up 1 window on level 25 of a building. Each panel could be at a different stage of production we are trying to track progress of these elements. The structure of Asana would suggest it can do it but cant see the functionality.

Size of projects are up to 80 stories and each level could have 100 windows and each window could have 6 elements to track.

Most other parts of Asana will manager the rest of PM we require.

We would be happy to pay for a mod if not too expensive.


Hi @Robert10 and sorry for not getting back to you earlier!

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, subtasks currently do not inherit their parent task attributes, you can learn more about this in

I’m thinking this workaround might help:

As you know custom fields are set up at the project level, so currently all tasks of your “Project ABC” are attached to Custom field 1 “Glazing". What you could do is create a satellite project with the custom field Custom field 2 “Glazing”, and nest your subtask into this other project. As a result, you will have independent custom fields on your subtasks. one downside with this workaround is that you will need to create a satellite project for each level of subtasks, so avoid consuming to much time in the future, you might want to build a template, with all subtasks nested in their satellite projects and start your projects from this template. Each new project you will create will automatically have their subtasks mutli-homed in their satellite project giving you independent custom fields for each level of subtasks!

I’m aware this is not ideal, but hopefully, it can help until we come up with a better built-in solution! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions, I’ll be more than happy to help!

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