Increasing the 30 dependency limit

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Converting this discussion thread into Product Feedback.

I’ve been using Asana as the front-end for a complex program plan with 300+ tasks. I maintain the database of tasks, durations, and dependencies (plus other custom fields) separately where I can do analysis and automatically remove slack.

I then programmatically update Asana through the API and use it during meetings to discuss with project leaders and get their comments. With the exception of the timeline loading issue, people like the interface.

Recently, I’ve started getting API errors when assigning dependencies. It looks like it’s because some central milestones had accumulated >15 dependencies and I understand this is a limit. I can work around this using artificial sub-milestones, but that’s confusing to the users and is more work for me.

If it’s not something totally fundamental to your architecture, can we increase the limit to at least 30 to accommodate large/complex projects like mine?


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Thanks for creating this request, @Wes! We currently don’t have immediate plans to he 15 dependency limit but I’ll make sure to share this feedback in our next Voice of the Customer meetings with the product team so they can consider it in future updates!

We just hit the 30 dependency limit in one of our templates. It would be great if it was possible to adjust that limitation upwards a bit.



I have same request. In the free version there should be at least 20 to 30 users to test the app fully.

FYI the 15 limit doesn’t apply any more. The current limits are somewhat inconsistent: at present, the max number of dependencies is 30 in the Asana web interface and 45 when dependencies are set programmatically in the API. So really the effective limit should be considered to be 30.

Also, note that when I say “max dependencies”, that’s a total of the two types (blocking and blocked by); that is, you calculate your total by adding together however many dependences of both types a task has; the total of the two types can’t exceed 30.

(I’ve been told the Asana engineering team has a task on their backlog to make the web and API limits the same to remove the inconsistency; but I don’t know whether they’re going to standardize on 30, on 45, or on some other number!)


Hi @Phil_Seeman , should we add this limit to 🔢 List of technical and data limitations in Asana?
Is the ‘official’ limit still set to 30?
I could not find any reference in the guide here

Perhaps we can merge this topic with this one

Good point, @Richard_Sather - yes, great idea to add this limit to that forum post! There’s no documentation reference to it, and while I’ve gotten a few differing answers from my contacts at Asana over time, the “30” limit of dependencies + dependents is probably the best answer we currently have.

I closed that other topic (thanks for pointing that one out). I didn’t want to merge it because I think that would have appended a bunch of older posts below the newer ones here.