Increase the 75mb limit for attachments in Forms


I have a question about the forms function. I have used it to build an intake form for new clients. In this form a variety of information is gathered, paired with foto’s of certain situations.

Today I tested the form with a new client, and everything worked great! The only downside is that I cannot upload more than a total of 75mb worth of attachments…

Is it possible to upgrade this limit? It is a very useful tool, and even more useful if we can upload a little bit more data. maybe a 200mb limit? should be enough.

@Richard_Sather did you know about this limit?

@Bastien_Siebman , thanks for the prompt!

Hi @Joas_Nicolai , welcome to the forum :wave:

Not sure how you concluded on 75MB but the limit is 100MB in total for multiple files, and each file cannot be over 25MB. So perhaps the last file you attached went over the 100MB limit.

You can refer to point 3.3 in this post for more details and a link to the relevant product feedback request.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the quick response!

I concluded the limit on my phone, using the form via google chrome browser. It really said 75mb’s.

I use the form to upload pictures of project information in the work field. These files differ from sizes, from 1 to 5 mb’s per picture.

Is there any possibility for an upgrade to, lets say, 200mb?

With kind regards,

Joas Nicolai

Hi @Joas_Nicolai ,

I’ve redacted your personal signature from your post as it seems you replied via email - please take care in the future since this is a public forum! :sweat_smile:

Perhaps there is a different limit from the mobile apps. I haven’t tested it but it looks like you hit a different limit than when uploading from the browser.

Perhaps @Emily_Roman could ask the product team on some clarification, maybe these limitations have been adjusted in the past year or so, or are different on mobile VS browser/desktop app.

And just to clarify, I don’t work for Asana (just a volunteer Forum Leader, and Asana Partner that provides consulting and training services) and Asana doesn’t make their roadmap public so we cannot know if these limits will be increased in the near future.

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Thanks for looping me in, @Richard_Sather! The limit of attachments added via forms is 25mb per file and you should be able to add a total of 100mb. Could you please send me a screenshot of the message you see @Joas_Nicolai? I’m happy to escalate it to our team.

Hi Emily,

Screenshot in the attachments!

Thanks @Joas_Nicolai! Let me double-check with our product team!

Hi everyone, our product team has confirmed this is currently working as expected. The form submission page in the browser has validation to ensure that all attachments on the form are limited to 75MB, with each attachment being limited to 25MB. We don’t have immediate plans to increase this limit but I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to our Product Feedback category to allow other users up upvote. I will let you know if we have any plans to increase the limit in the future!

Hi @Emily_Roman , thanks for the update.

Could you just confirm whether this means that the limitation has been reduced from 100MB to 75MB? (for the total size of attachments uploaded to a form)

It seems like it…


Hi everyone, thank you for your patience! Our product team has replied clarifying that although you are able to select multiple files that total to 100MB, the limit in the form submission itself is 75MB. If you have more than that uploaded, you will see the error message “The total size of all attachments must be less than 75 MB.” when trying to submit the form.

They have also confirmed that this limit hasn’t changed recently. It’s been the same experience for both mobile and web browsers. Let me know if you have any follow up question and I will be happy to pass them along :slight_smile:

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