Raise file size limit from computers (currently 100MB).

We create bug tickets with videos of reproduction steps quite often.
Some of the videos exceed 100MB, so we need to put those video files on Dropbox and put the links on the tickets.

The problems here are

  • It is simply a hassle to put files on the cloud outside Asana
  • Sometimes videos are deleted by mistake on the cloud (then Asana users cannot see them anymore)

So I would like to request increasing the file size limit at least for the paying users.

Thanks for your feedback @Yuichi_Kato! I’ve gone ahead and slightly edited the title of your thread so it better reflects your request and is more discoverable to other users. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have some update on this topic!

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Thanks @Marie!

I sometimes attach video files from mobile apps, so I do not want to limit it only from computers.

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