Attachment Size Limit In Forms


Not sure if this has already been answered but, I’m looking to find out the maximum file size someone filling out the form can attach? Within our teams form there is a question allowing for an attachment and I’ve allowed for multiple files to be attached. What is the largest a single file can be and what is the largest all files can be together.

Thank you!

That is a great question, how big are the files you are looking to attach? @Emily_Roman and @Rebecca_McGrath any idea on this one? This info is not on the Asana Guide page for Forms.

Hi @anon50397414 and @Matt_Dickinson, the size limit of form attachments is 25 MB per file or 100MB total (if multiple files). We have a thread requesting to increase the limit here: Raise file size limit from computers (currently 100MB). I hope this helps!


Great, thanks @Emily_Roman!

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