Incorrect Asana Community email


Ok, this is an odd one. I just signed up for the Asana Community, which looks great. But when I checked my profile, the email address used is not my primary email address, it is set for an address I rarely use. I went to change the address in my Community profile, I found that there’s no way to do this.

Given that there’s a possibility of getting Community notifications in email, I want to make sure it is the right one. Is there a way for me to fix this?



@Gary_R, You might have tried this already but if you sign into Asana itself and go into ‘My profile settings…’, you can add and remove emails in ‘From emails’. If the community profile is pulling from your main Asana info, I wonder if that might fix it.


I’ve got the same problem. The issue is it’s pulled my email initially from an organization I no longer / rarely use, it just so happened to be at the top of the list in the ‘From emails’ section!

The email associated with my personal projects and the main (paid) organization I use has been ignored.

In fact to make matters worse I have left the organization associated with the email pulled to my Asana community profile. But the email here has not updated, so I don’t know if there is even a link between my Asana and Community profiles anymore!


I would also like to change my community email, since when joining, it took my private email, but I want to replace it with my company email.

@Alexis can you help us?


I’m pretty that the email which appears in the top Organization/Workspace you belong to in Profile Settings > To Email is used.

I left the organization that was top of my list. Then after logging out of community and back in again my email was updated to the one which is now top of the list.

I suggest you update your email address on the organization you belong to, then log out and back in again here.


Sorry for my delay here. @TheTim good call! I recommend that others take these steps. If you’re still having issues, feel free to send me a private message. Thanks!


I’m having the same issue here too: the email address that got migrated into my Asana Community profile is an email I no longer have access to.

Also, I can’t find a way to send you a private message. I tried clicking on your profile too.

Can you please help?


Hey @MelTajon & @Gary_R

These are great questions; apologies for the inconvenience you’re experiencing here.

The log in for accessing the Community is based on the primary email in your Asana. In order to change the primary email we have on file, you first must dd it to your Asana. Tips on how to do so are available on our Guide post, available at the following link:

Once you add the email account you wish to become your primary email, you need to get in touch with Asana support ( Once you submit this support ticket a member of our user operations team would be happy to make this change for you!

Hope this helps!


I’m trying to remove my old organization email and instead use my gmail account as my primary.
How do I remove my old organization email from assana and asana community?


Hi @Ben_Cassani - all Community login information is based on your Asana logins. I recommend that you reach out to Our support team will be happy to help you! :slight_smile: