Include Weekends in project templates

Hey there!

Is there a way to allow milestones/tasks to be scheduled on the weekends during template duplication? We have a complicated 100+ task project template with many dependencies tied to milestones. If a milestone is scheduled on weekend in the template, upon duplication, all of the tasks/milestones get scheduled incorrectly because it tries to avoid placing milestones on weekend dates. So you can a ton of red lines throughout the timeline, as a result.

Any ideas? Thanks so much for everyone’s help!

Hi @Corey_Protin

Make sure when setting your due date in the templates (whether before or after start date) to unselect the skip weekends button.

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Thank you so much for you quick response @Mike_Tammaro! Unfortunately, I don’t see this screen at all when making new projects? Is there a global account setting that needs to be turned on somewhere?

@Mike_Tammaro I see the screen now when I click on the date setting for a milestone/task. Does this have to be set for every individual milestone and task? Or does it occur globally across the project when I do it once?

You have to set it in the project template before a project is created moving forward. Any current projects created from your template will not automatically correct themselves.

It seems you are referring to active projects you are currently working in if I am understanding correctly. If I am not, please add screenshots of what you referring too (removing sensitive information) so that I may help you further