Include Sections when Search results are sorted by Project


I appreciate the response! However, this doesn’t work well for us for a few reasons:

  • The print view still works as we would expect, so it creates yet another level of discontinuity for our team.
  • While sections do contain tasks, we really need them to behave as a section in the sense that it contains tasks and creates actual sections for them within projects. To be able to sort them in project view this way is wonderful, but to not be able to see that reflected in an organization or management-wide view of projects is frustrating and breaks what I believe is the intent for them. We use sections to separate phases (in a project), task types (in an office management type “project”), etc. Creating custom fields does not provide the appropriate level of separation, and creates a task that is now redundant, as we will still need to assign sections for future board-to-list functionality.

We are paying customers, but I would imagine anyone with a free version would not be satisfied with a custom field workaround for something that I feel is an intuitive use for sections (assuming custom fields are still a paid-only feature). Please consider changing this. I was so excited about the coming changes to sections until realizing this aspect was not considered a bug after all.


Agree. If this is permanent, sections have become a redundant step to accommodate swapping to board view in the future at the expense of list view functionality.


Is there any plan to address this? We implemented Asana at my company about 8 months ago largely due to the functionality of being able to quickly develop a single organized report across multiple projects. This change breaks workflow for our entire company with seemingly zero benefit, which is a massive deterrent to continuing use of this tool