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Just making a suggestion that it would be handy to be able to include comments when a project is exported to csv. Our team asks questions and records decisions in comments sometimes, and we’d like a permanent record of it.


I’ll second this suggestion. Since my team works with clients, we often conclude our projects with handing off our Asana data. An export of comments would be incredibly value in this handoff.


Hello! Simply use You can export your tasks, subtasks, comments and documents to Excel or CSV. All your comments will be in a distinct sheet in Excel… very easy to manage this way.

Making Completed Tasks Visible Within the Project

Yes, add this please! It’s really important!


We are using Asana to help launch a new charter school (publically funded). We need to be able to export comments in order to comply with public information requests. Although we don’t anticipate those happening often, it is still a feature that we need to be fully in compliance.


This feature is really lacking at the moment. We use comments to record decisions and they are lost when exporting to csv. Due to privacy reasons we cannot use an external tool for this task.


This would be incredibly helpful. Our team is doing updates in the comment section to each other and it is a redundancy to ask them to also put that info in the description field so it can be shown in our weekly reports.


Hi does anyone know if Asana are going to include comments in the export of projects? Ideally just the latest comment


Is it possible to view complete tasks with the comments? We use the comment section to document important information, but can’t seem to see our data for the completed tasks and comments together

Making Completed Tasks Visible Within the Project

Hi @Emily_Egolf and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

This does sound strange :thinking: As long as you don’t manually delete comments, they should always show up in your task, even when you mark the task complete! Is the data missing when you open the completed tasks details? Is there any chance you could share a screenshot of what you see? (Please make sure to hide any private data such as email addresses or full names from your screenshot).

Looking forward to your reply!


Hello Marie!

Thanks so much for replying so quickly. I should clarify my question…
My question is about the reporting feature. I would love to be able to export each task to include notes AND comments, but the only way to export is to print to pdf (but this doesn’t include comments). Is there a way to fix this? Thanks again for your help!


Got it @Emily_Egolf! Since your question is slightly different than the topic of this thread, I’ve moved your post to †he correct thread; hope that’s ok! Have a look at the answers above and in particular this one which could be a great a solution for you!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: