Include comments in export

my completed subtask is not importing to Bridge 24 so no matter how i run it, i am unable to export the task and comments

actually, all subtasks are not importing to Bridge 24, completed or incompleted

Cassandra. To view completed tasks/subtasks, be sure to create a Personal filter from the left panel with the option Completed set to “both”. By default, only incomplete items are retrieved/displayed.

Also, Subtasks will only display in the Grid as a task if the subtask is associated to a project in Asana (which they are not required to be). Subtasks will display in the Subtask column of any parent task if made visible. If you have any issues, please reach out to us at

Come on Asana, people have been asking for this business critical feature for over two years now. How can this not be a priority?

It is one of the most important, if not the most important field to be able to export. What good is exporting a project without having the key information included!!

And please don’t tell me this is available in the next version up - this is a basic feature and should be included in even the most basic versions.


@Marie is there an update on this feature? I don’t understand why the comments don’t export, especially considering all of the other information that Asana does export with the csv. This is incredibly frustrating for our company. This thread has been open for over 2 years of people requesting this. Especially when we solve open items or issues or capture questions in the comments section on tasks and sub tasks. This makes it exceedingly difficult to audit projects and pull records. I know Bridge24 allows for this, but we shouldn’t need a paid integration to just simply have the comments pulled and dated. Thank you!


I would also like to put in my vote for this feature! The comments of each task are probably the most important part for me, so not having them in exports is a major issue.

Three years after the request was made - come on Asana, from an export function point of view this can’t be that difficult can it? Or perhaps you own :wink: who knows!

I’ve searched through the forum. It appears that there is still not a straightforward method for exporting a project to a CSV and be able to include comments and status updates. Is that accurate? It also sounds like there is a backdoor method for doing this using JSON and API, but I can’t find anything explaining exactly how to do that. My organization is a Business subscriber. Thanks for any help.

Hi @TJ_WaterMan, thanks for reaching out!

You can export projects to CSV in Asana but at the moment it doesn’t include comments. We have a thread in our #productfeedback category about this topic, I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Include comments in export to centralize feedback. You can have a look at the answers above and in particular this one which could be a good a solution for you :slight_smile:

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Hey @Emily_Roman thanks for the response. I did look into that integration, and we can’t justify another monthly expense. I’ve used Asana a long time, and I really like it - advocated for it at my current workplace, advocated for getting Business. I am, however, a little frustrated about some of these seemingly “small” but “intuitive” things not being a fundamental part of the App. The status updates and comments are the most essential aspect of tasks. Having that export record for future reference, outside of the app, is significant - and if I’m paying for the App, the solution shouldn’t be “go buy another app integration to facilitate your need.” Right?

I know you guys are working hard, and I appreciate some of the updates that have been rolled out over the last year. Please keep it up, and continue to improve the product.


Well said. It doesn’t seem like a difficult thing for Asana to offer. Just adding fields to a CSV export right?

I want to be able to export multiple projects and then sort by comment date and time, so I can see chronologically what projects an employee has worked on over the course of the day. Maybe there’s a better (not via csv export) way of doing this? Happy for anyone’s suggestions.

Even happier if Asana could just click a few buttons and give us this functionality!



Im using a asana project as “checklist” for a safety control.
Every control point is a task and different parts of the facility is separated as different sections in Asana.
I re-use the same project 4 times/ year by reseting one field to “not checked”.
Also, type info in fileds for deviations for every task that has one…

The point is so I get the text out when I export the project to CVS. Comments doesnt come along that export.
However, comments are a great way to save the history of info notes since I delete the text from the previous control in the fields I would love if there were a way to save that info automaticly…


I cant edit my post above bot I had one more question regarding exporting.
Is there a way to get images from within tasks in a project to follow along when exporting to excel somehow?

Hi @Emanuel_Teljemo, great questions! :slight_smile:

At this time, it is not possible to have field entries duplicated as comments on the task. Changes to fields will show in the history of the task, however (just below the description). You are right in saying that comments (or this history) are not currently included in CSV exports.

Attachments are also not included in CSV exports.

This is popular feedback in the Forum and we do have an existing thread for this request so I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category and merged it with the existing thread to keep all feedback consolidated! :slight_smile:

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Will the exports include comments and status updates in the future (and if so, in what timeline)? exports has comments and exports/backups should include all the important data. Instead of CSV, it could be in JSON format, which would make it very straightforward.