In a V2 template, a project will not be added to a portfolio if user does not have permission on said portfolio


I don’t know if this is a bug or intended behaviour.

Let’s say Bob created a portfolio P that is private to him. He also created a template (V2) that adds any project to portfolio P.

If Alice uses the template, her project does not end up in portfolio P.

So, bug or intended?

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I think the current behavior is the right one. While it’s an awkward combination of circumstances, access restrictions should always be honored.

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Adding the project would not be a breach of restrictions if the user still don’t get access to the portfolio, it would however be a way to respect the template creator wishes :slight_smile:

You make a valid point - one could only do this if they have access to the portfolio, so it seems adding it wouldn’t be breaking any access restrictions that had been set up.

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