🎉 Improved list outputs with Asana2Go

Asana2Go, the multi-purpose tool to flexibly copy, export and print from Asana, now offers six improved list outputs for viewing your Asana tasks.

Easily render your chosen content and paste to an email or another document. Or just use these new formats to see your Asana content in new and different ways, whether you’re trying to suss out information across many tasks, or dig into the depth of content of a select few. Go beyond Asana’s rudimentary and inflexible print output capability.

Read all about it and see other example outputs here:
Medium Post - Asana2Go: Lists!

And this is just one kind of output that Asana2Go can produce. Novices can select from 20 different standard reports/outputs including various kinds of tables, CSVs, etc. Experts can create their own custom output using the included authoring tool with data and language helpers and documentation.

Asana2Go is free for all private and most commercial use (see Asana2Go for details), but please consider supporting Asana2Go: Larry Berger is creator of the Asana2Go app and an Asana Certified Pro consultant