Importing tasks from Nozbe

Hi, all new to this so bear with me please if the answer is already here, i can’t see it. I have a load of tasks set up in Nozbe (which i’d like to let go) and i want to import them all into Asana, to avoid having to retype lots of tasks. Has someone done this and could they explain to a non-techie how this works?
Thank you in anticipation!

You could try to have a look at Zapier maybe…

thank you, i’ll take a look

If you are using or have access to a Windows PC I wrote a free Nozbe tool years ago that will let you export to CSV among other options.

You can find it at RevuDo | Michael Koehler

I have not updated it in awhile but it should give you a way to save your Nozbe data. Copy paste into Asana works well.

Thats great, thank you. i don’t suppose it works on Mac similarly?

No I never built a Mac version and Nozbe started writing native clients so I stopped working on it.

Righto I’ll find a PC !

Kind regards

If you are able to get your Nozbe tasks into CSV, you can use Import Wizard, which will enable you to quickly import all task data into Asana. This includes all fields like due dates, description, etc. - which isn’t possible with the simple copy & paste solution (unless you manually update those fields afterward).

thanks very much Ashley, i’ll see if i can figure out Nozbe into a CSV file - thanks

Hi Michael,

I finally found the time and a PC to try ReVuDo. i have (i think) successfully downloaded it but when i login and it starts to try and load i just get the message, “Unable to access your data from Nozbe. Check if you have internet access” which i do - i can see the BBC!
In Nozbe, i have had the sync disabled because i only want one license and its refusing to let me downgrade so i won’t extend the payments but i should have downgraded to the free version so i can’t see why it won’t let me in? any thoughts?

And i’ve also just figured out how to get the ReVuDo to work -many thanks. I now have 6 Excel spreadsheets of data (CSV format) but no idea how to get them into Asana as i cannot find an import wizard.
Any ideas?

Glad you got the export working. Let me look at an export tonight to remind myself, but it is basically going to be copy/paste. Asana doesn’t have an import that I know of.

That would be great, thank you, as I’m stuck half way now :slight_smile:

Kind regards

As I thought unless Asana has added an import option I haven’t heard of your only option is to create each project in Asana and copy/paste the tasks from the CSV file to the Asana project and repeat.

The file you want is task.csv

Open it in a spreadsheet.

Filter on completed not FALSE.

Move the project_name column to before the name column and sort on project_name and project_sort.

The name column is the tasks.

For each project copy the project name and create it in Asana.

Then copy all the tasks that match that project name and paste them into the Asana project.

Repeat for each project.

I hope that helps.

magic thank you, i’ll try that later

I downloaded ReVuDo and was able to link to my nozbe account. However when I try to export to a .cvs to transfer my info it crahses. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

Unlikely that it is you. From time to time I learn something that has changed in Nozbe that causes things to break.

You should see log files in %localappdata%\ReVuDo\Errors

If you zip them up and send them to I will see what went wrong.

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I’ve gotten it to work. Copy/Pasting the tasks is easy and you can do them all at once. I’m still going to have to copy/paste the subtasks for each task one at a time. So it’ll still take time, just not nearly as long. Same thing with the associated files. Thanks for making this program!