Import from Basecamp 2

Does anyone know a suitable way to copy to dos and their comments from Basecamp into Asana? I cant find any integrations. Other popular task management systems has imports I can see, but cant find anything to do with Asana. Zapier will only create new tasks by the look of it.

I have been meaning to close Basecamp down for some time, use the money to pay toward Asana, but manually copying and pasting all tasks and comments (and indicating who the comment is from!) is quite daunting, I dont think I can ever switch if its only a manual process.


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It seems like Zapier offers a trigger called ‘Global Activity’ (bottom of the page Connect your Asana to Basecamp 2 integration in 2 minutes | Zapier).

Would that solve your problem? Alternatively, you could try to set up some work around using Google Sheets.

Good luck!

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I’m helping a team getting started with ASANA. They are now working on Basecamp 2 and have a lot of projects already stored and ongoing there.
I’ve been looking through the Forum but couldn’t find any solutions. I’ve already exported one sample project into HTML, tried importing it on GoogleSheets to get a csv, but it separates each single to do in a separate file!
Anyone has some experience with this? Thank you!

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Hi @Veronica_Baraldi,

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread to consolidate. That mentions a Zapier approach.

In general what’s often recommended is to create a CSV, if Basecamp can do that and then use this:

which allows for a lot of flexibility, even creating custom fields automatically (for example, single-select with all values from cells).

There’s also which may be of help.



@Veronica_Baraldi - You might try taking a look at this company. They specialize in migrations: