Importing new tasks into a project that already has tasks associated with it

We’ve been playing with the tool for a bit now and are leaning toward further integration.

Problem that we will encounter is that we have a large worksheet that we use to track all of the existing items associated with the project - This worksheet has multiple tabs to track different elements of the project.

I have imported the primary list of "To Dos’ associated with the project and have set up a number of sections as well as sub tasks.

I would like to now import other tabs and further integrate ASANA into our project - Is there a way to import additional information into ASANA without dramatically altering the work that I have already done?

The alternative I guess is to start fresh and import everything again and redo the work completed to date…Not a great alternative.

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Hi @Jeff_Angell

Recently, @DougB has introduce a 3rd party tool to update existing tasks when importing .csv.

I haven’t tested t yet though :wink:


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