Migrate projects from Basecamp 3

Hi there,

We are a small nonprofit. We have many projects in BaseCamp3 and want to migrate them to Asana. Asana only seems to import csv files and Basecamp only seems to export data into a set of HTML pages. We are not looking for an ongoing integration between the applications – this would be for a one-time migration. (Prior forum posts seem to only have the ongoing integration recommendation). We want to import the data and then retire the Basecamp account. Does anyone have a recommendation? We don’t have the staff to manually re-enter all of the project information.

Hi Mark!

One thing you can try, if Basecamp info is downloaded as an HTML table, is the following:

  • open the HTML file in Excel (or other similar tool) - it should open as a table;
  • save is as CSV;
  • try importing to Asana.

Please let me know if it works :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mark_Nelson, thanks for reaching out!

Adding to what @Victoria_Vinogradova mentioned, you can find the steps to import your CSV file to Asana in this article.

I hope this helps!