Ability to import comments via CSV importer

For those not familiar with Googlesheets, this may not make sense. But the spreadsheet allows you to add comments that are not actually data in cells. It’s separate. In the past, our team has tried to use comments in a Googlesheet to collaborate and coordinate on projects. It didn’t work to keep us very organized-- hence why we’re buying Asana.

However, the history of comments for a given task that were exchanged in Googlesheet comments would be very useful to see when we import that spreadsheet row as a task into Asana. Is there a way to do that using the CSV importer? For us, it appears that when we download a Googlesheet to save as CSV the comments disappear ;(. So they wouldn’t be there when we go to upload to Asana!

Is there another way to go from Googlesheets to Asana that might preserve these comments?

The CSV importer does not support injecting Asana comments. Right @LEGGO ?

That’s right @Bastien_Siebman! Comments can’t be imported via CSV at the moment. I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the #forum-en:product-feedback category to allow other users to upvote :slight_smile:

Well it stinks the feature doesn’t work. However, considering I was prepared to copy-and-paste 705 tasks from Googlesheets rows into Asana tasks to make my team happy (who has been clamoring for me to start using Asana)…and the import process after a brief hiccup-- didn’t work on Mozilla Firefox, but worked fine on Internet explorer Edge-- worked really well and quickly, I don’t imagine I have anything to complain about here. I can review those 30 Google sheet comments one by one and copy them into the relevant new Asana task (many are things that are already finished anyway).

Moving the idea to a product feature recommendation. How very…enterprising of you. I enjoy seeing tools I use every day getting better because of user feedback. Of course this is my first day using Asana, but it’s been a really productive one!

A custom coded import could definitely import the comments if needed, in case you have an IT team with you.