Importing historic data and completion dates

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I have old data in trello that I’d like to import into asana, but back in the day we didn’t use the completion button for all of our tasks, although we recorded the dates that tasks were completed by moving them to a done card and archiving that card each week. I’d like to import all of our old data into asana but if I can’t add historic completion dates it will destroy the quality of our reporting data as all of those tasks will either need to not be marked as complete or will all have the same incorrect completion date.


Hey @Christina13,

with the import that should be possible.

I recommend trying to create the project with all the fields and date you need. Then export so you have a CSV template, fill all out and import.

Because right now when I export a csv of an existing template fields such as created at and completed at show as well

Also FYI this is currently being rolled out as well: Users in custom fields (Created by) - #26

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