Importing from a database along with some automatations


One aspect I looking to use Asana for is to monitoring regular occuring transacitons. These transactions have to be reviewed annually are stored in a database, once completed they are given a new deadline date 365 days later.

What I would like to do is import this list with all the deadlines from my database convert the due date to be a date range such that it is deadline-90 days up to the deadline. If today is not within that range it automatically puts it “Sit tight”, Otherwise it gets put into the first bucket contact client. Is it possible to automate this in Asana?

I would also like to add a subtask with a deadline which is task deadline- 14 days.

This is less about collaboration and more about getting regular tasks done.


Hi @anon94186910 welcome to the forum. You can import a csv - i’d recommend following the CSV importer guide I would then set the dates inside asana as reoccuring yearly.

You cannot automate tasks that are existing as due dates rules trigger at midnight and there isn’t an option for anything from 90days until today. You can do a rule to trigger at 90days to move to a section though.

@anon94186910 FYI you can likely automate want you want using the “Starts or is due in…” rule trigger in our Flowsana integration. That trigger is more flexible than Asana’s in that it uses a “within # of days” comparison instead of Asana’s “exact # of days” comparison (and also it fires whenever a start/due date changes in addition to at midnight).

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Thanks Phil I will keep that in mind!