Import CSV - Basics?



Can anyone share a basic CSV import file they use to import tasks? I’ve read the instructions on the blog and help section of the Asana website but frankly find they lack detail. It would be nice if Asana Support provided a sample CSV file to get people started (maybe there is one and I missed it?) or a simple list of available fields?

I’m having issues importing simple things like task description, tags, sub-tasks.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


@Javid_Freeman here is a dynamic date changing Excel spreadsheet that I made up that you save as a CSV file and go through the import prompts. You can use it multiple times and populate for changing dates. It has a Section for demonstration and of course tasks. Hope it helps.


Thank you @James_Carl, are you able to successfully import Notes into the description field of the task? When I tried importing there was no option for description no matter how many different ways I named the column in Excel. Do you have to associate the description of the task to the task name with a formula in Excel?


@Javid_Freeman As you can see from this link description CSV Importer Now Available importing a description is not a feature per se. You can get a description but it has to include all the row headers. Much requested feature by other users.


Thank you for the additional information @James_Carl, this is disappointing to say the least and find the CSV import to be un-useable at this point. Hope Asana will develop a basic import tool to help with quick customization of template projects. We use find-and-replace features in Excel to save having to click and rename every task of the project. (E.g. JOB CODE - TASK NAME)

We are attempting to use Asana for production workflow and will do the same project 250+ times over a 6 month period. This is very cumbersome to create and change task names from a template directly in Asana.

Is there another method that would possibly accomplish what we are looking for?


@Javid_Freeman I think having a flexible import is easy as I showed you above but I think what you are concerned about and legitimately so is while you can import the name of the task, we all fundamentally need to import the description of the task. I think the date math formula does a good job of dynamically changing dates on a new import. So in summary is it the missing description of the task that is the problem, task dependencies or flexibility to make date changes on dependent tasks that flow through new due dates on remaining task. Just a little bit more clarity would help. Thanks


You are correct @James_Carl the priority would be first to allow for a description in the import.

Secondary concerns would be tags, custom fields. I’m assuming that “subtask of”, followers, and date fields work I just haven’t tested them yet.


Frankly I would consider the inability to import a task description much closer to a bug then a future enhancement. Let’s hope that the Asana development team recognizes without task description import the tool is significantly compromised. But kudo’s to them for eminently adding sub tasks.


I agree. Description/Notes definitely has to be added to the import feature for it to be a viable feature. I really love Asana, but this one bug or missing feature really dampens the experience.


We’ve just started exploring the CSV import methodology as a way of creating client campaigns with prefilled timelines - but not being able to import task descriptions is a real obstacle to getting this working. Does JSON importing offer this ability I wonder ? /