I'm not receiving Custom Fields notifications

I’m pretty to new to Asana and this is my first time on the forum, but as far as I can tell, the feature for notifications when a custom field changes was implemented in the 9 months or so since the last post to this thread. Reference this article. But having tried it today in a few different variations, I do not see it working. I’ve submitted an inquiry to support email, but perhaps one of you fine people already know why I don’t see notifications in either my Asana Inbox, or more importantly, my EMAIL inbox, whether I was the assignee, or a collaborator on the tasks I tested.

@Gary_Levine, Did you yourself change the custom field value? If so, you won’t get notified because Asana doesn’t bug you with notifications for things you yourself did. If someone else changes the custom field value, and you are following the task, you should get notified. If that was the case (another changed it) and you didn’t get notified, I defer to Support or @Marie, @Natalia, et. al. here.

Loosely related info is here; it’s about dependencies but perhaps sheds some more light:



Hi @Gary_Levine and welcome to the Forum!

We launched notifications on Custom Fields a while back and it looks like I forgot to mark this thread resolved, so I’ll do it now and move your post to a brand new thread so we can focus specifically on this issue.

As @lpb already mentioned, we do not notify you of changes you’ve made yourself, so if you were the person modifying the values of these custom fields, it is completely normal that you did not receive a notification.
But if this happening with custom fields your colleagues have modified on tasks assigned to you tor that you’re following, I’ll be more than happy to investigate this further!

Looking forward to your reply Gary!

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Thanks to Larry, and Marie. The problem was actually in my testing for a more “real-world” situation where another user updated the field.

Many thanks!


quote=“lpb, post:2, topic:53679”]
Asana doesn’t bug you with notifications for things you yourself did.

Hi @Marie, I have a suggestion that the documentation be updated to note this. The page about custom field notifications doesn’t mention that you won’t receive them if you make the change; it implies that all task collaborators will receive them.

Cheers @Phil_Seeman I’ll make a task for the Team in charge of the Guide content and ask them if they can clarify this!

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