Can asana display data from my application?

So I know I can get data from asana and display it in my application using the API. I was wondering if it’s possible to do it the other way around? I will try to attach a screen shot to further illustrate, but this is what we want to do. We’ve added a custom field called PA (project administrator) on our tasks. It will be set to one of our employees. Then in our database, we’re able to set and change this field in one of our tables. We’d like any update in our table to be read and updated back in the asana task. Is it possible?

Do you want to change the PA available in the field and/or change the value for some tasks?

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking so I’ll just say a bit more to clarify the question. The grid on the right in my screen shot is coming from our database. So the first row is a project going on in our company, “New System - Pre-Sale etc”. The PA assigned is 71. We have an asana task created shown on the left. I circled the custom PA field that has been created. When we set or change PA = 71, can the custom field automatically update?

Yes, if your system calls the Asana API to update the custom field value of that particular task. Either the custom fields already have all PA and you are good to go, if not you’ll have to update the values available for the field and then select the value (assuming we are talking about a drop-down field).

Does it make sense?

Yes, it makes sense. Thank you! This will probably be continued as I start to work on it. For now I just wanted a “proof of concept” answer. I will probably get to it later this week; next week at the latest.

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@Bastien_Siebman, do you have any links handy of what the API calls are? I have not worked with the API extensively yet. I know how to get authorization and exchange tokens, and from there what I’ve done is access a story and display it in our application as “notes”. Then our users can make a new note in our application which I give it to asana to store.

I will start to dig; maybe I can find it on my own. Thanks so far!

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You have everything in the official API documentation
Also I suggest you use one of their official library (they have PHP, Node…)

I have found what I need to do, but I need help with the syntax. The application I am working with is C#/Windows.

This is the documentation I have found:
Custom fields are set with PUT requests similarly to setting other fields on tasks; the format of the request is to set the id to the new value. That is, custom_fields:{custom_field_id:custom_field_value}

Custom fields of type text are set by passing in custom_field_id:string Custom fields of type number are set by passing in custom_field_id:number Custom fields of type enum are set by passing in custom_field_id:enum_value_id

So what I am currently doing in my application to write data, is a call into this code:

    private string GetResponse(string uri, string data = "", string method = "GET")
        ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;

        // Create Request
        HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(uri);
        request.PreAuthenticate = true;
        request.Method = method;
        request.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";

        string authInfo = Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(tokenCode + ":"));
        request.Headers["Authorization"] = "Basic " + authInfo;

        // send data if supplied
        if (data != "")
            byte[] dataBytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(data);
            request.ContentLength = dataBytes.Length;
            using (Stream requestBody = request.GetRequestStream())
                requestBody.Write(dataBytes, 0, dataBytes.Length);

        // receive response
            HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
            return new StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream()).ReadToEnd();
        catch (Exception ex)
            //MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Exceptioned {0}", ex.Message));
            return "-1";

I am using this currently to add to a task’s stories. I do not know what to supply for the uri and data parameter to update my custom field. I know uri is something like “<task+id>/custom_fields” but “something like” isn’t helpful when you’re writing code. I have the task id and the id of my custom field and the new value I want to write to asana for that custom field, but how do I put it all together?

What I do to save an Asana object in C# is create a Dictionary<string, object> containing the field names as the keys and the values in the object.

Then I do this:

                string data = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(args);
                data = "{\"data\":" + data + "}";

where args is that Dictionary. The resulting variable is the data variable in your code snippet.

In terms of how to construct custom field info in that dictionary, what you want to do is build a second Dictionary<string, object> where the keys are the custom field IDs and the objects are the values (text string for Text type fields, numeric value for Number type fields, Enum ID for Enum type fields). Then put that second dictionary into one entry in the first dictionary, where the key is custom_fields and the value is the second dictionary.

Let me know if any of that isn’t clear or you have further questions. (I looked at pasting some more of my code to illustrate the above but it’s pretty intertwined into my overall app, sorry!)

Your instructions are clear; what is not clear is why it isn’t working :frowning:

        Dictionary<string, object> dictPA = new Dictionary<string, object>();
        // build a Dictionary<string, object> where the keys are the custom field IDs and the objects are the values (text string for Text type fields)
        string idOfPA = "1111111111111111";
        dictPA.Add(idOfPA, "Marlene");

        Dictionary<string, object> dictCustomFields = new Dictionary<string, object>();
        // put that second dictionary into one entry in the first dictionary, where the key is custom_fields and the value is the second dictionary
        dictCustomFields.Add("custom_fields", dictPA);

        string data;
        //data = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(args);
        data = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.SerializeObject(dictCustomFields);
        response = GetResponseAndRetry(String.Format("{0}/", task), data, "POST");

I am getting Bad Request, even though it looks good to me. It must be a syntax issue, and my last one took me hours to get right. Any ideas to help speed this along?

I realized I was missing the extra step to set data, but that didn’t work either.

        string data;
        //data = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(args);
        data = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.SerializeObject(dictCustomFields);
        data = "{\"data\":" + data + "}";
        response = GetResponseAndRetry(String.Format("{0}/", task), data, "POST");

You need to change your ContentType to JSON. Specifically, here’s what I set on the request:

                request.AllowWriteStreamBuffering = false;
                request.ContentType = "application/json";
                request.Accept = "Accept=application/json";
                request.SendChunked = false;