Identify which comment triggered a custom action rule


When using AppComponents to create a custom action rule, how can we identify which comment triggered a rule to be ran?

The field target_object from the payload on the action run endpoint is always pointing to a task, that’s expected behaviour according to the documentation.

My problem is: when a rule runs on comments being posted, and you post several comments in a row, is there a way to identify why comment triggered it? Sometimes the rule takes a moment to run and 2 comments have been made, I don’t want ton have to keep track of all comments I have treated already :scream:


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Hi @Bastien_Siebman , unfortunately there isn’t a way to identify which rule action event sent to your app server belongs to X comment on a task. You will have to keep track of those comments on your side. I’ll flag this to the team to let them know about this use case.