I want to see workload on daily recurring tasks on a weekly/monthly basis.

My clients have recurring tasks daily or on specific days of the week, and their workload almost never changes for those tasks
If I set the tasks to recur daily, I can’t see their workload for the week, or month, or however long the duration of the project be.
(ex. I would need to mark the task complete for the task to be made again on the next day, and only then would if reflect on the specific client’s workload.)

Thus I have tasks recur daily, but add a date range of a week and calculate their workload by the week, then once they mark complete their tasks the tasks are made with the date range renewed to a week from the newly made task. PERFECT, right?

Except the problem is, the marked complete workload is still evident on the portfolio workload, which means: with the newly made tasks, the workload is basically doubled, then tripled the initial amount, the quadrupled the initial for the overlapping date range.

At first I thought the solution could be, just have a feature where we could make a rule: when completing a task: set that task hour field to 0. Then it hit me that you wouldn’t be able to retrieve past workloads if you were trying to make a report.

The only solution I see as of now, is to not set the tasks to recurring, and just set up the same tasks weekly for the duration of the project. Or set the whole duration of the project on 1 task and set that task hour to however I want the workload to reflect. (which presents a problem of its own, since then we can’t use that task as a to-do list.)

I hope I was clear. I believe people working and filing data might run into the same inconvenience of having to set projects up that way.

Eureka! I just used common sense. haha…
The simplest solution, would be to have recurring tasks reflect on workload, even without a date range set.
So if I have a task and set that to recur daily, have it reflect on the workload in portfolio indefinitely.

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Hi @Sam_Son_쌤_샘, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to see all recurring tasks in Workload, the new task will be created when the recurring task is marked complete. We already have a thread on this topic, I suggest you to upvote for this feature here: Visibility of all Recurring tasks

As a workaround, you could also set a date range for the entire week for the main task and assign subtasks for each day to your client so they can mark it complete every day. The hours of the subtasks won’t count as they are not associated with the project so you can set the exact effort in the main task for the week.

Your solution is also great! :star:

I hope this helps! I’m moving your thread to our #usecases category so other forum members can share their tips with us as well!

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Thank you, I’ve checked and voted on the appropriate post.