I want MY TASKS page to show Project Name linked to each task - can this be done?

My Tasks page isn’t showing the name of the Project for each task. How do I fix this?

Welcome, @Jen_Goldman,

In your task #4, under the column Projects, it shows “JGC Show Tell Asana Plan” which is the name of the project that task is in. I’d venture to say that Tasks #1-3 are only found in My Tasks, not in another project. Does that make sense and explain things, or am I missing your question?

Also, if a task is in more than one project (multi-homed) then you’d see multiple projects listed in the one Project cell for that task.

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I had to manually type that into the Projects field, while sitting on MY TASKS page. I shouldn’t have to do that as each task (the first 3) are already linked to a project. See 1st task and how it is linked to JGC Life Work Plan (project). a1

here is a video asking the same question https://youtu.be/Yk_4gB6vAtU


Thanks for the video; that definitely helped!

The issue is that the task #1 is not actually in the project, its parent task “PODCASTS” is in the project. Just because a parent task is in the project doesn’t speak to its subtasks being in the project. There are many questions/requests about this in the Forum.

In #2 in your screenshot above you can see the parent task showing after the subtasks title as “< PODCASTS”.

You can still assign the subtask to the project (Tab+P) and then the subtask and the parent task would both be there; then you’d see the projects column with a value in My Tasks.

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Thanks!! I will add the project manually using TAB+P and vote for Asana to make this automatic :-).

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