I have teams created but they don't allow me to make changes or invite new team members.

I have 3 teams that were created in the past. I don’t remember the steps taken to create them, however, I’m not able to make any edits to them. I’ve create a new team and have full edit functionality. Any ideas on how I can edit or delete the old teams?

Welcome to the Forum @Michelle_Rademacher and thank you for reaching out!

That is a great question. Sounds like you are not a member to those Teams. To be able to edit any team settings you need to be a full member of that Team. You can verify it by following these steps: Team members

In order to have edit permission you will need to first join the Team (if it is a public teak) or to request to join the Team (if it is a membership by request Team). Once you are a member, you’ll have full edit functionality.

I hope it helps Michelle but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!