I can’t see other’s job task posts

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: My boss told me he posts some job tasks already and my other workmate saw the post too, but when I check it its not there. Please fix it

Welcome, @Joyce_Arevalo,

We’ll need more info in order to help, but I’ve moved your post out of the Report a Bug category as it’s unlikely a bug with Asana.

Can you have your coworker copy the link to the task that they see that you’re supposed to see and email the link to you. Then try to go to the link in a browser.

If you get an access error, your boss needs to ensure you have access.

If you see the task, note either the project the task is in (and Star it), or if you’re the assignee (then it will be in your My Tasks), or if you’re a collaborator (then it will have appeared as a notification in your Asana Inbox.

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Do I need to purchase premium or business for me to see the job tasks? Because my subscription ended a week ago.

Probably not, but possibly.

I think you may want to pursue this with Support who will be able to have access to your situation:

Contact support directly with these steps.

Thank you for responding! I already sent a support ticket. May I know how long it usually takes for the support to reply? ‘cause its been almost a day and I still didn’t get any response.

It can sometimes take a couple days. Free plans I’m afraid take longer.

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