I can not connect Asana from IE and Edge


Hello I can not access from IE and Edge.
They are upto the date.
I have tested 2 computers and 2 different locations with different network.
I can get it connected with Chrome but can not connect with IE and Edge.
Can anyone help me with this.
I just joined today as well, so that I can test ASANA App.


Hi @mark_oh

Some of my team have had minor issues with Asana in IE, and it’s always worked much better in Chrome. If you can’t connect at all, it sounds like you might need to contact technical support.


hello, I think I do need to talk to asana technical team. may I ask how to
contact your technical support team. I can not seems to find their contact
from website.



Mark Oh


Hi Mark

I’m pretty sure the email for tech support is just support@asana.com.

I don’t actually work for Asana, though, so I’m not 100% sure!



And when in doubt you can always visit https://asana.com/support and use the email form to ask a question :slight_smile: