I am trying to use the SUM feature but multiple sections doing a total SUM on sub sections

So, I have a spreadsheet that was imported and provided sections, see screenshot attached. It is providing section SUM but when it get to the bottom, it is adding everything, I believe.

So the sections might be 1, 1,1,1 = 4 - but at the end, the SUM is 1,1,1,1 - 4 = 8. I am only trying to get the 4 and if I have multiples of this it is essentially double counting.

Thanks for your help in advance. — Troy - super new user of ASANA.

Sorry here is the screen shot.

Hi @Troy_Glasner,

I’m not seeing what you mean here. In your section WEc for example, you have 4 for Indoor Water Use and 4 for Outdoor water use, totaling 8 for the section.

It seems to be functioning as expected.


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Thanks Christine, unfortunately the picture doesn’t show the whole story. Maybe I should have taken more time to review this and think out how to present. Thanks for responding!! Glad to see the help here. I will rework and get provide a better example.

Thanks again! — Troy

Hello All, please disregard my incompetence being a Newby of Asana for this message. I thank you for your efforts. @Christine_Bolton - you were correct. My sincere apologies for wasting time.



Hi @Troy_Glasner,

No apologies necessary, that is what we are here for as a community – to help one another out!

Glad to hear your issue has been resolved!


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